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Formatting Captions With MMM MikuMikuMoving

How do I format captions in MikuMikuMoving? Is formatting captions easy to do in MMM? Can I change the type style of my captions? Can I change the color of MMM captions? Formatting Captions is Easy in MMM! In my last article, I showed you how easy it was to add captions to your videos […]


Adding captions in MMM MikuMikuMoving

Is there some trick to adding captions in MMM? I know I can add type text headlines to my animations in MikuMikuMoving … how do I do it? Adding captions in MMM is easy! One of the things MMM has that MMD doesn’t is the ability to add captions. It’s really easy to do, but […]


[MMM] MikuMikuMoving Text Engine Tutorial Video

MMM – MikuMikuMoving! Here’s a quick intro to MMM and notes on using the Text Engine to add Captions and Headlines to your animations! http://youtu.be/g96QYdacXcI Check out LearnMMD.com for more tutorials! MikuMikuMoving is new on the scene! It uses the same models, accessories and effects as MikuMikuDance. It has an all new GUI (control panel) […]

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