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How to fix a model with missing textures

How do I fix a model with missing textures? Why does my new model have white places? How do I fix my broken model? How can I rename my texture files? Missing textures on your new models can happen when your “unzip” program cannot handle Japanese text; it replaces those characters with gibberish. Then, when […]

Translate PMX models to English using a PMX editor

How do I translate PMX models into English? All my new model’s bones are named Null! How can I fix the bone names in my Japanese model? I need to change the Null names into real bone names. Translate PMX model bone names into English! A few months ago I made a video tutorial about […]

Easily Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone from Model’s Hand in MMD

How can I transfer an accessory to a dummy bone in MMD? Is there some trick to making a smooth transition when you move an accessory from a model to a dummy bone in MikuMikuDance? Originally published on LearnMMD.com in October, 2013 Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone Making the transition of an accessory […]

Re-size PMD Models and Keep the Bones and Physics!

How do I re-size PMD models in MikuMikuDance? Can I change the size of my MMD models? If I convert my model to .x, I lose all the bones. Re-size PMD Models… … and Keep the Bones & Physics! Have you ever wanted to change the size of a PMD model? When I was working […]

Translate Japanese Models to English with Google Translate and PMDE

Help! My new MMD model has no English bone names and is missing all of the Facial adjustments! Why are the Facial adjustments blank? Why can I see the facials only in Japanese mode? Recover English Bone Names … Translate Japanese Models into English! Your Japanese PMD models will be so much easier to use! […]

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