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Translate Japanese Models to English with Google Translate and PMDE

Feature articles by LearnMMD's xxbodger!Help! My new MMD model has no English bone names and is missing all of the Facial adjustments! Why are the Facial adjustments blank? Why can I see the facials only in Japanese mode?

Recover English Bone Names …

Translate Japanese Models into English!

Your Japanese PMD models will be so much easier to use!

Often a Japanese PMD model will have no English bone names. Translate Japanese models into English. MMD LearnMMD.com

Have you ever noticed missing facials when you load a Japaneses model into the English version of MMD? Or have you ever wanted to attach an accessory to a particular bone… and all you find is a long list of Japanese names… Or an incomplete list… or no list at all!?

There is a simple way to fix that!

Well… “Simple” once you have done it a few times! In order to translate Japanese models into English, you will need to have the English version of PMDE. Using Google Translate and PMD Editor, you can rename the bones with English names. Here is a link to my video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RckyGc8XeMA

The method is pretty straight-forward… and surprising!

You navigate through the lists of Japanese bones in PMDE, copy/paste entire lists at a time into the window at translate.google.com with the translator set to translate Japanese into English. The result is a list of bone names in English. You can then copy/paste that bone list into the appropriate PMDE window … and you’re done! Watch the video to learn how to recover the Japanese bone names and translate Japanese models into English.Please watch my Video Tutorial (above) and be sure to follow-along, carefully. Also be sure to rename your new English model BEFORE you SAVE anything, so that your original model will stay safe.


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  1. Paprika kawashima Paprika kawashima
    September 20, 2014    

    Thank u for this tutorial it helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!

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