Attach an item or accessory to a Bone in PMDEditor – Weighting in MMD

How do I attach an item or accessory to a bone in PMDEditor? What is weighting when using PMDE? How do I weight an A Feature Article by LearnMMD Contributing Author, NOKO2accessory in PMD Editor for MikuMikuDance?

What are you Weighting for …
Attach an item or accessory to a Bone in PMDEditor!

Let’s say you have just made a model. It is truly exquisite – it has all the parts you wanted, the facial sliders are great, the bones are named (between you and me, I never do that), and its textures and sphere files look great. You save the model and open up MMD to test your model out. It looks great when you open it, but Noko2's Utsune Mactoshi on the beach at Batokin Island! Click to visit Noko2 on Deviant Art and download this fun model!when you add the sample dance motion data and you click play, the model’s shirt/hat/bracelet/etc. either stretches out when he or she moves a certain way or just stays in place. NOOO!!! How could this happen to you?!

I know it’s hard to believe in your sorrow, but many other people have this problem. You are not alone! Lucky for you, I do know how to fix it…

I have had the exact problem…my new model UTsune Mactoshi (download here: had a shirt that WOULD NOT COOPERATE. When she jumped, bent, or squatted, her shirt would stretch and glitch out. I had no idea how to fix this problem, so I asked the knowledgeable deviant FicticiousAnimation, a co-author here on He knows a lot about PMDE. He said you have to attach an item or accessory to a bone in PMDEditor.

That’s what led me to write this article. “Weighting” in PMD is simply attaching a part to a bone. That’s all it is! It’s not as simple as adding textures and sphere files, but it is pretty easy overall.

Make a folder. Copy a base…or a model…

Now let’s say you want to put an ice cream cone in the model’s hand. Download a vanilla/chocolate cone here: Copy the ice cream cone and its textures into the model’s folder.

Open up your model in PMDEditor. Attach an item or accessory to a Bone in PMDEditor - Weighting for a weighted model in MMD.Drag the ice cream cone into PMDView, click “AD” and use Object Controls and Vertex Manage to move and rotate the ice cream cone until the ice cream is facing forward and is in the model’s left hand. In PMDView, find the letters at the top that spell “Me”. Go over until you find the letter W. Click on that. The Weight tab should come up. The ice cream’s layers on the model should start on the second MA0. Check that and everything under it. There should be a tab on that window called “edit”. Click on that tab, then click the last word, which is in Japanese. If you selected the right one, only the ice cream cone should show! Highlight the whole ice cream cone and click “Go” which is in the Weight window. The red dots on the ice cream should turn into black dots. Go into the main window of PMDEditor and go into the Bone tab, which is shortened to “BON”. Sort of like bon bons!

Attach an item or accessory to a Bone in PMDEditor - Weighting for a weighted model in MMD.

This step is the most painful. You have to go through all of those Japanese bones and pick the left hand bone! The bone you pick will turn red on the model, which is helpful. (The hand bone will likely have a blue box beside it in the main window.) Once you have picked the right bone, highlight the ice cream cone again so it turns red. Press “Go” again. The dots should disappear. Go into View>Test Model and rotate the arm. If the cone stays in the hand of the model, celebrate!

You have successfully weighted a model!!


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