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Easily Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone from Model’s Hand in MMD

Feature articles by LearnMMD's xxbodger!How can I transfer an accessory to a dummy bone in MMD? Is there some trick to making a smooth transition when you move an accessory from a model to a dummy bone in MikuMikuDance?

Originally published on LearnMMD.com in October, 2013

Transfer an Accessory to a Dummy Bone

Watch my "Don'y Push that Button!" for an example of how to transfer an accessory to a dummy bone.Making the transition of an accessory from a model’s bone to a dummy bone is simple.

When making “Don’t Push That Button!” I used TWO pokeballs … one attached to the robot arm and one attached to a dummy bone. I controlled which one you see with the Display Click the check box to display or hide an accessory. MikuMikuDancecheck box in the AMP (Accessory Manipulation Panel).

The ball that is attached to the robot arm never leaves the robot arm. The ball that is attached to the dummy bone just sits there in midair until I want it to move. You only see what I want you to see.

Load the ball twice and use the Display checkbox to show and hide it when needed. MikuMikuDance

When I made my Large Marge video,  Zombie Miku was sitting there from “frame one”, with the same motion data. You just don’t see her until Miku says “She looked like this!” … all controlled by that little DISPLAY check-box in the manipulation panel.





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  1. bodgerxx bodgerxx
    October 30, 2013    

    I guess both will work. I am working on an animation where Haku walks in on the set with a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. she stops and places the arrow on the bow. then raise the bow draws the bow and fire it. its just an exercise to see if I can do it. using 2 bows 1 an .x and 1 a pmd and 2 arrows the same display trick. I wish there was a way to parent PMD models together.

  2. KillerBeer KillerBeer
    October 29, 2013    

    It’s an amusing technique, and using double items can be adopted for many tricks… but the fact is, you actually *don’t* have to assign two various instances of an accessory to different bones in order to pass it from one model to another. Simply reassigning it in an arbitrary moment of time works just as well.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      October 29, 2013    

      I got it … so, in frame 171 it’s attached to Miku and in frame 172 it’s attached to a dummy bone. What’s nice with the “display” trick is that you can display BOTH in a single frame and take some time to orient the new accessory on the bone to exactly match the same angle and position of the original accessory on the model.

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