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How to fix a model with missing textures

Feature articles by LearnMMD's xxbodger!How do I fix a model with missing textures? Why does my new model have white places? How do I fix my broken model? How can I rename my texture files?

Missing textures on your new models can happen when your “unzip” program cannot handle Japanese text; it replaces those characters with gibberish. Then, when you try to load this model in MMD, MMD can’t find the texture. So it loads the model without that texture.

How to fix a model with missing textures

You can fix models that have missing textures due to scrambled file names. See my page for full instructions!You CAN get those textures back by using PMDE to determine the correct name of those gibberish file names … and then correcting the names on those files.

See my page: “Fixing Model Textures” to learn how to do it!



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  1. TheArchangel254 TheArchangel254
    October 27, 2018    

    I’m tying to upload a model to deviantart, but every time I put it in a zip file and test it, all the textures don’t appear on the model. I’ve been having to hold out on uploading this model for like 2 months.

    • October 27, 2018    

      Are all textures in the same folder with the model?

  2. CerealKiller CerealKiller
    October 28, 2017    

    Please help
    The parts that are suppose to be white turned black and gold after adding accessory from another outfit and i can’t fix them
    Adding another colors doesn’t help,i checked that the textures are in right folder,i renamed and reloaded them multiple times and i did everything i could yet they stay black and gold

    • October 29, 2017    

      1) Figure out what materials are the ones that no longer look right. Try masking by materials to figure it out.

      2) Check the textures used by these materials. Are any of the textures black and gold? If so, this is probably where the problem is. Check what textures are used by the original– are they the same?

      3) Check material settings for these materials, compare to before the import. Are the material settings different at all?

  3. Ryu Ryu
    January 15, 2017    

    Hello! The model that I am using doesnt not have many textures yet when when i did renamed them nothing happened? I followed the method well too, i am using pmx thought doesnt that make anything different? I am just very confused and need help

    • Ryu Ryu
      January 15, 2017    

      Oh nvm! i figured it out haha

  4. Tia Lyles Tia Lyles
    July 23, 2016    

    It still dosen’t work. Can someone help me.

    • July 23, 2016    

      If you find someplace to upload your model, I can take a look.

    April 23, 2016    

    Um i downloaded enough today.. is there another way :O

  6. Atheres Atheres
    April 21, 2016    

    So I’ve fixed what textures I’m using in PMXE, and it shows up perfectly fine there. When I load my model edit (I literally only put blood splatters on the body texture, I didn’t add or edit anything else on the model) into MMD, however, he shows up blank -_- I’ve been looking around but seeing no fix for that specific issue…any advice?

    • April 21, 2016    

      Did you replace the old texture file with the new one without editing the model, or did you create a new file and changed the respective material in PMDE to point at it?

  7. Ludgah Ludgah
    September 30, 2015    

    ……uhmm….is there a quicker method besides renaming all the textures? This thing I’m using has 50 GODDAMN TEXTURES I AIN’T RENAMING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

    • KillerBeer KillerBeer
      October 1, 2015    

      There’s a *somewhat* quicker method to rename all the textures. Switch to PMXE mode using “Information”->”PMD to edit switching” menu command (or simply open the model in PMXE), go to Materials tab, select *all* materials in the list (PMDE mode doesn’t allow that) and press Ctrl-C. Paste it into a text editor (the one that won’t screw Japanese text, that is; I use Notepad++, it’s free) and rename all textures *there*. Then simply Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V it back into PMXE. You may also try to use the same material to prepare a .bat file – a sequence of lines like “REN $@#^$#*.jpg newname.jpg” that you can execute to rename everything at once.

  8. bodgerxx bodgerxx
    April 30, 2015    

    I have never been able to get applocale to work. I have tried and tried to no avail. I still get those gibberish file names

  9. Dat Lynn Dat Lynn
    April 30, 2015    

    Or you can always use Applocale with your unzip program. There’s an article about it somewhere in this site IIRC

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