Re-size PMD Models and Keep the Bones and Physics!

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How do I re-size PMD models in MikuMikuDance? Can I change the size of my MMD models? If I convert my model to .x, I lose all the bones.

Re-size PMD Models…
… and Keep the Bones & Physics!

Have you ever wanted to change the size of a PMD model?

When I was working on my “Large Marge” video, the truck model was way to big. Len and Miku looked like little kids sitting there. The method I used to fix this left the model without bones. (Read Noko2’s article about converting PMD models into .x accessories.)

Recently, I found a way to re-size a model and not lose the bones and physics … and here it is: first, open PMD Editor and load your model. Next, click EDIT and go down to Plugins; then go down to Systems; then size (s). A dialogue box will open. Entering larger numbers will make your model larger… and smaller numbers will make the model smaller.

Use PMDE to adjust the size of your PMD models without losing the bones and physics. Re-size PMD models.

Now go to File(f) then Save As (s). Change the file name (I just add “small” or “large” to the file name). You are doing a “Save As”  so you do not over write the original file.

Editor’s Note:
Some MMDers report that this method doesn’t work properly… and using a setting of 0.5 gave them a model 5-times LARGER instead of half-size!
After experimenting with several options, our team has found that different systems may respond to a comma rather than a dot (decimal point/period) in a number. So, if a setting of 0.5 doesn’t give you a half-size model, try 0,5… and maybe try the dot or the comma with and without the leading zero. … The method described in this article is correct; but you may have to play with the dot/comma issue before you have success with it.

That’s it!


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