Creating White Silhouette Models in MikuMikuEffects

 How do you create a White Silhouette on a black background in MikuMikuDance? How doyou use the Silhouette Effect in MME? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do you download the Silhouette Effect for A Feature Article by contributor ARIZONA on LearnMMD.comMikuMikuEffects? Is there a tutorial for the Silhouette Effect for MME?

Making White Silhouettes in MikuMikuEffects.

Not too long ago, I had written an article about using the Spotlight Effect to create a black silhouette against a white background. I figured that the question would pop up: “How do you do a white silhouette against a black background?” Foreseeing this, I alluded to this Silhouette effect as the subject of another article. Sure enough, that exact question came up! Well, here’s how.

You may download the Silhouette Effect at: . There are two versions available.

If you want to use effects in MikuMikuDance you must have MMEffects properly installed. One of my highly talented colleagues, Noko2, has an article about downloading and installing MME:

Use the Silhouette Effect to create White Silhouettes!Once you have downloaded the Silhouette Effect and placed it into your Effects folder, go ahead and load up your model, motion, and wav files. Now click on the MMEffect button at the top right of your screen. Another window will open up with a listing of all the models and accessories you had previously loaded. Click on the name of the model you want to have silhouetted in white. Find the Silhouette Effect folder and select Silhouette_Obj.  Your model is now white.

The Positive and Negative sides of Silhouettes.

These silhouette types of videos are popular because of the many Bad Apple videos that have been uploaded. Everyone seems to think that you could/should do this shadow play with Bad Apple. However, you can take just about any motion data reverse it (or not) and it will be just as effective. Another thing to remember is that your background needs to compliment whatever silhouette color you use.

One of the biggest drawbacks of these silhouette movies is that you completely eliminate the effectiveness of any facial expressions. So, if you use any accompanying camera motion data that may feature a close up of the model winking or smiling, then you will just get a close up of a black or white silhouetted head. So look at the original data with that in mind.

I have uploaded a short and sweet video experiment of 3 Haku Yowane models performing Galaxias using three different effects: this Silhouette Effect; the Monochrome Effect and the Spotlight Effect. You can find it at our YouTube Channel here:

Have fun with this.

Gothic Teto and Miku by Nigamon.
Heart Catch Motion Data by Unknown.
Black and White background by Arizona.


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