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Formatting Captions With MMM MikuMikuMoving

How do I format captions in MikuMikuMoving? Is formatting captions easy to do in MMM? Can I change the type style of my captions? Can I change the color of MMM captions? Formatting Captions is Easy in MMM! In my last article, I showed you how easy it was to add captions to your videos […]


Adding captions in MMM MikuMikuMoving

Is there some trick to adding captions in MMM? I know I can add type text headlines to my animations in MikuMikuMoving … how do I do it? Adding captions in MMM is easy! One of the things MMM has that MMD doesn’t is the ability to add captions. It’s really easy to do, but […]



What are some of the differences between MMD and MMM? Is MikuMikuMoving different from MikuMikuDance? Is MMD better than MMM or is MMM Better? MMD VS MMM I discovered MMD and MMM while looking for anime models for Daz Studio, a free 3D animation program.  I had dreams of making an animated movie with my […]

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