Beamman’s MME SelfBurning Effect Sets your MMD models Ablaze!

Where can I get the SelfBurning EffectA Feature Article by Stella The Alchemist on! for MME and MMD 7.39? How can I make my MikuMikuDance model look like she is on fire? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. MikuMikuEffect has a fun way to set your MMD dancer on fire!

My Chibi Miku is on FIRE! ... using Beamman's SelfBurning Effect for MME MMD 7.39SelfBurning
is an amusing effect …

that looks similar to the default fire effect, but surrounds a model as if they were on fire. The effect also comes with two variations, SelfFreeze and SelfDarkness!


BurningButtonBeamman's Page is Very Japanese! This is the button to start the SelfBurning download.First, download the effect here, from Beamman’s uploader page.

There are Japanese file names in that ZIP, so use the Applocale/7-Zip routine, if you need to, to preserve those file names as you Extract your files from this ZIP.

Note: 5/28/2016

Another method for keeping the Japanese file names as you open a Japanese model zip folder is to use the free Bandizip software
with the Code Page dropdown set to Japanese.
See the Bandizip article.

Once you’ve downloaded the effect … and put it in your effects folder, open up The SelfBurning Effect download alos includes SelfDarkness and SelfFreeze!MMD and load a model of your choice.

Next, go to the AMP and load up whichever effect variant you’d like to use. (For the purpose of this article, I’ll use SelfBurning.x.) You may want to change the background to black, as this makes it easier to see. When you load SelfBurning, you should see a small streak of fire quickly appear and disappear between the model’s feet.

Now go to the MME tab. Click Effect Mapping. You should see three tabs: Main, VertexPosRT, and VertexPos_MaskRT. In the VertexPosRT tab, Double- Click your model and navigate your way to your Self-Burning Effect folder and choose SavePos.fx. Finally, go to the VertexPos_MaskRT tab and load Mask.fx on your model in the same way.

If everything goes right,
your model should now be on fire!

While the fire will be seemingly behind the model, you can go to the accessories edit box and set the draw order for SelfBurning to 0. This will completely cover the model in fire. However, I usually don’t like to do this, as it obscures their face.

You can SAVE your dance. When you later reopen it, you will have to set the VertexPosRT and VertexPos_MaskRT, again, in order to start the fire!

The same steps can be used for any of the other effects in the package. Pretty cool, huh? Using SelfBurning or the variants can really add some pop to your videos.


Visit the Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!