Dummy Bones Hold Accessories in MikuMikuDance

What is the proper use of accessories in MikuMikuDance? How do you use accessories in MMD? How do I move accessories? How do I animate accessories in Miku Miku Dance?By Reggie Dentmore, LearnMMD.com

Use Dummy Bones to Move Accessories on your stage.

Checking the Keywords readers use to find LearnMMD.com, this week it seems that “the proper use of Accessories” was the most popular question. For the short answer, see page 2 of the Start Here / Step-by-Step pages . There you see an example of how to use the laser light accessory in MMD.Mount laser lights and other accessories to Dummy Bones.

Take a look at the structure of the Sample.pmm dance included with MMD. You will see that, in the brown Model Manipulation panel, they have loaded the Dummy Bone (Dammy Bone “:o) TWICE because they are using so many accessories. Each laser beam and floodlight is attached to its own Dummy Bone. You can add the Negi (the famous green onion “leek”) and, by default, it is attached to the Ground … but you can attach it to any point on your dance model or you can attach it to a dummy bone. Whatever your choice, be sure to Click REGISTER in that same area of the panel.

See the check boxes next to the LOAD button in the Olive Green “Accessory Manipulation” panel. “Display” and “Shadow”.   “Shadow” toggles the item’s ability to cast a shadow. “Display” makes your accessory visible or invisible. THAT is a powerful tool. You can load an accessory whenever you like … attach it to a dummy bone … and then hide it from view until you are ready to use it. Register  your choice to lock it in. When you get to the frame where you want to see that item, Click DISPLAY and REGISTER … and that action will happen in that frame.

Even huge items, like an entire stage set, can be attached to a Dummy Bone. I recommend you do so when you download the LearnMMD Auditorium Stage. That stage is great … but the floor level may be a hair above ZERO on the Y axis. If you mount the stage to a dummy bone, use the “numeric input” window in the EDIT menu to make Y be -.2 (minus point two) and you will find that the floor will be at zero altitude … perfect!


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