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Paper Crowd model delivers instant huge audience

Where can I get the Paper Crowd model? How can I add an audience to my MMD animation? I want an easy way to make an audience or a mob scene for my MMD video. The 2D Paper Crowd model delivers an Instant Audience for your performance! … practically a Mob Scene! … too funny, […]


Breathing “SOUL” into MMD models and scenes using Fine Art Techniques

Simple centuries-old art techniques can be used in MMD to bring your model’s to life. This article will introduce the basic methods behind these concepts. Breathing “SOUL” into MMD models, scenes and images using traditional fine-art techniques … and Shaders! MMD models are 3D anthropomorphic representations of anime characters which in themselves are caricatures of […]


Shading China Dresses Using Advanced Shader Techniques

Shading China Dresses Using Advanced Shader Techniques

Shading China Dresses Using Advanced Shader Techniques There is a whole series of Tda style models decked out in China Dresses or Cheong-sams (literally: long dress) which are highly popular. The models are beautifully detailed and featured regularly in videos on YouTube and in fact, one well known MMD video maker (RongSamaYou) specializes in using […]


Hologram Effect gives projected-holograph looking image

How do I use the Hologram effect? Where can I download the Hologram effect? How do I set-up the effect? In need of a sci-fi feel to your latest project? Look no further! The hologram effect provides your model with a Star Wars look. Hologram Effect yields a Sci-Fi image If you’re new to MME, […]


Toon Shader modifies shadows and highlights!

How do I use Toon Shader? Where can I download Toon Shader? How can I add shaders to my MMD model? Hello everyone! Today I’m  gonna show you how cool Toon Shader is. And how to use it! Toon Shader modifies shadows and highlights for a comic-book effect! So OK; first you need to download […]


Arrow MMD Animation Video Finished in only Six Weeks!

The making of… My new “Arrow” MMD Animation and video! About six weeks ago I was listening to Melanie’s “Freedom Knows My Name” CD and the “Arrow” song caught my imagination… “Wouldn’t that make a nice MMD animation… a “Diva” song… for an MMD model to sing?” … ? The Process… I created the animation […]

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