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Ray-MMD: The Art of painting with Light

Ray-MMD Painting with light!

Natural sunlight as interpreted by MMD is not white light. MMD by default uses a neutral grey light which emulates the photographic standard of mid-day sunlight in a temperate climate. But why is this important? If your objective is to create photo-real images using MMD, this is of paramount importance, especially when used in conjunction […]


Raycast / Ray-MMD First Steps

Raycast / Ray-MMD is a powerful, complicated MME effect… … so much MORE than an “effect”! We have been getting MANY Comments from our readers about how to use Raycast and then, “Why doesn’t Raycast work?” The answer: Raycast / Ray-MMD doesn’t work like any effect you have ever tried, before. – Raycast is NOT […]


MMD PostAnalogTV effect gives easy scene transitions and more!

The PostAnalogTV effect gives you top-and-bottom or right/left close-to-center scene transitions. I am tired of “fade to black”, what else can I use? The old Blackout effect is OK, but I want something different. How can I distort my picture to look like it was on an old TV set? MMD PostAnalogTV effect gives easy […]


Ray-MMD Advanced Lighting: A Night on the Town

Ray-MMD advanced lighting techniques for MMD MikuMikuDance

  Ray-MMD Advanced Lighting: A Night on the Town You sometimes see urban scenes of Tokyo at night in Japanese anime with a plethora of lights from different sources, office building, street signage and the like as in the image shown below. Tokyo street at night. Image source: www.japan-guide.com. Image re-used here for non-commercial, illustrative […]


RAY-MMD: Creating your own custom sky box

RAY-MMD comes with a nice set of ready to use sky boxes, but did you know you can create your own? RAY-MMD: Creating your own custom sky box But before we get to the “how to“, let me briefly explain “why” you would want to do this. The answer simply is because custom RAY-MMD skyboxes […]


RAY-MMD: Using the Time of Night skybox

Someone wrote asking about how to use the Time of Night sky box that comes as standard with RAY-MMD; so this is what this article will be about. In fact, RAY-MMD comes also with the SKY NIGHT sky box for rendering night time scenes. However, the two have rather different applications and it really helps […]

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