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3D For Cheapskates: Making stereo MMD videos without special equipment

Can I make 3D videos in MMD? Do I absolutely have to have a special rig for it? Stereo MMD videos can be yours too! 3D movies, once an oddity, got a new push in the past decade, and this time it seems to be here to stay. You don’t even have to go to […]


A better MMD followcam in PMXE with physics and IK bones

How can I control the camera in MMD? How can I make an MMD followcam?  What can I use IK bones for? How to make IK bones? What is follow cam?  What is OP? What is camera tracking? How can I follow a model in MMD? Have you played with outside parent settings yet? What […]


MMD Outside Parent Setting Enables Bone Connecting

What’s new about MMD? How is MikuMikuDance 9.12 different from 7.39? What is OP? How do I move multiple models at once? The Outside Parent Setting Lets You Connect Bones in MMD It looks like MMD is on an updating spree, but what do any of the new versions have to offer that 7.39 doesn’t? […]


Making POV Camera Shots in MikuMikuDance 8.03+

How do you do a point of view POV camera shot in *newer* MMD? What cool new camera effects are made possible with it? How do you lock the camera’s POV in MMD?  Making POV Camera Shots in MikuMikuDance 8.03+ Last year, Arizona made a post about an amusing technique allowing to make the camera […]

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