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A girl named Miku Hatsune…

A girl named Miku Hatsune… Orbiting the planet Venus is the JAXA probe “Akatsuki” and on board are several plaques featuring a very unusual personality: Miku Hatsune. Miku’s journey on the Akatsuki started in 2010, just shortly before she hit the top of the Japanese album charts. Both are astonishing accomplishments for a 16 year […]


My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models!

This is a list of my own personal favorite Miku models. I hope you like them, too. My Top 6 Favorite Miku Models I have ranked these models by their qualities; like Rig, Facials, Textures, and etc. Raycast If you want to know which Shader is used in these pictures… it’s Raycast! First we have […]


Make Wattpad covers using MikuMikuDance and Canva.com!

How can I make an MMD Wattpad Cover? Where can I go to make a custom Wattpad cover for my latest project? You’ve already finished the draft of your fan fiction on Wattpad but… You need a Wattpad cover! You don’t have any cover for your story! How can you show the readers what your […]



Where did MMD come from? Where is the users manual for MikuMikuDance? Why is MikuMikuDance so hard to use? Is MMD a professional animation program? Who did they write MMD for? Why doesn’t MMD have a Users Manual? Why does MMD HAVE to be EXCRUCIATINGLY CONFUSING? Reader… This doesn’t work. When I click load and […]


No MikuMikuDance MMD in India… can it be?

Is there a following for MMD in India? Is MikuMikuDance popular in India? When an Indie uploads an MMD video, does he upload it to YouTube? No MikuMikuDance MMD in India… can it be? Why don’t we get the visits? These days, LearnMMD.com gets almost 15,000 visits a week from around the globe… but only […]


Zazi’s Guide To Atmosphere in an MMD animation

Okay… so I know I have been over this before, but I have often been asked what creates an “atmosphere” in an animation? Zazi’s Guide To Atmosphere The answer might surprise you on how little it has to do with “placement” and how much it has to do with your own feelings. Let’s take a […]

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