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ColorShift Effect Dances using VMDSpectrum Analyzer

How do I make ColorShift effect match the beat of the music? Use VMDSpectrum Analyzer to animate effects A reader asked us for help about making the ColorShift effect “to make the color appear on beat”. Well, “out of the box”, the effect has no such possibility. All that is available for controllong the vanilla […]


Using the MME ColorShift Effect in MikuMikuDance

How do you use the ColorShift effect in MMD? How do I make 3D videos with MikuMikuDance? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do you get the ColorShift Effect? Is there a tutorial for the ColorShift Effect in MME? Using the ColorShift Effect in MME. The Momi Cup was a really inspiring event for me. I got […]

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