Scrambled first frame of video must be Voodoo!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comWhy is the first frame of my new video scrambled? What causes that first frame of video to be full of static? Is there a fix for it? Why is it “sometimes” and not ALL the time?

Scrambled first frame of video…
… must be Voodoo!

It drives me crazy when I “Render to AVI”, anticipating that THIS is the final step… a beautiful new MMD video… only to find that the first frame of video is scrambled… full of static!

That scrambled first frame of video always ticks me off... I wonder what causes it?

How can I beat that static… where does it come from?

I have no real idea!
… but I have been trying a technique that seems to work, more often than not:

You might avoid that scrambled first frame of video by moving slowly as you click-through your options.

Seems too simple…
… and how could this work?

I’ve got no idea how this can work… but I do seem to have success in avoiding that scrambled first frame. Could it be that my system starts to engage that compressor selection even before I click “OK”… and it’s not ready, yet, if I click “OK” to soon? For a little added insurance, I also hold down that OK button for a few moments before I release it. … I guess I feel that moving slowly rather than quickly tends to help to avoid that scramble. Like I said… Voodoo, not science!

Got a solution?
… Please let me know!

Please leave a comment if you have your OWN method for avoiding that scrambled first frame.




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