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Adult Shader on a LAT model – it’s possible!

See all of the articles by LearnMMD's Kurea Urusuta!Adult Shader on a LAT model doesn’t work. Don’t use Adult Shader on a LAT model. How can I use Adult Shader on my LAT Miku?


Adult Shader on a LAT model – it’s possible … Just protect the face!

Have you ever longed to use adult shader on your favourite LAT model to make it look amazing for Adult Shader on a LAT model is possible! ... Just protect the face!  MME  MMD  LearnMMD.comyour video but it looks horrible?

Well, that ends today! Just by following a few simple steps with only MMD and MME, you can fix that!

First of all, load up MMD and load your LAT model. Open the MME window and add the adult shader effect to your model.

Now this is when things get exciting!

Right click on the model name in MME and click on subset-extract. Get rid of the face and nose by clicking on the numbers, for example, the normal Miku LAT model, to get rid of the face and nose, click on numbers #16 and #6.
Click on one number first and make sure that those two boxes aren’t ticked, click on edit and remove effect. Do the same to the other part.

Then the magic begins!

Click on the boxes again to tick them and click “OK”.

TADA! All, of your troubles are over! Feel free to ask any questions!

See my video with my LAT model showing off her beautiful face with Adult Shader in effect!See the test video I have on YouTube and see Adult Shader on my LAT Miku… Enjoy!






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  1. XXSefa XXSefa
    September 24, 2016    

    seriously adult shader is the most awful shader for lats -_- just use some better shader like S5 or Niceshader

  2. Aoqi Aoqi
    March 20, 2014    

    I don’t know how to fix the broken models ?

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