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Enable Physics in MMD 7.96

How do I turn the Physics on and off in MMD 7.96? See all of the articles by LearnMMD's NicoleNakanoMMD!Can I set the Physics to be on all the time in MikuMikuDance? Why is my model’s hair and dress so stiff looking?

How To Enable Physics in MMD

Hi Everyone! This Is NicoleNakanoMMD!

Ok, so … I Want To Teach You How To Enable The Physics in MMD (MikuMikuDance)

1.Load MikuMikuDance


2.Load A Model (I Choose Neru Akita)


3.Click the Physical Operation Tab


4.Click Anytime (E)


5.And You Can See Your Model MMD_Physics ONwith His/Her Physics Are On!


Remember To Keep The Faith MMD!

Model By: Smith Hioka and Animasa

Thank You For Making This Model :D




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