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Miku virtual idol starts our Brave New World

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.com

Miku … the virtual performing idol
… is only the beginning!


 Miku, “Live” onstage in New York at Miku Expo 2014 …

Can you imagine …

Imagine “what’s next”! … Using Miku’s 3D holographic projection system along with Hollywood’s nearly infinite budget for the right projects … Hollywood’s incredible computer graphic imagery capabilities … and the market for new off-the-wall entertainment …

It’s only a matter of time … a few months?? …

Hundreds of “Live”, very human, virtual idols!

… only a matter of time before very realistic human personalities are introduced as new virtual entertainers.

Imagine a digital personality to compete with Taylor Swift …

Miku kicks off our Brave New World. Images of the beautiful Taylor Swift which I found on Google.

I am just dreaming … but I see no reason why the folks who, today, create “Miku Live” cannot create a photo-realistic human virtual idol to entertain on the Letterman Show and who will pack-the-house to sell-out crowds at arena events across the nation … several at a time! … and make appearances on the Las Vegas and Atlantic City concert stages … where her digital endowments could appeal to adults in ways in which no human performer could compete!

All seriousness aside … 

It’s just a short matter of time before your local bowling alley will have a holographic-display stage and a subscription to a 3D digital concert provider offering new songs, each week, by new digital artists and, in fact, by entire digital groups … idols and groups that will develop followings and histories and will compete in national awards programs. Fans may track digital individuals as we might even see a member of one group take his own star-power and join ANOTHER  group … and taking his human followers WITH Miku ... the world's first virtual idol!him.

I am thinking that virtual idols, both male and female, created by teams of creators, being constantly updated and fine-tuned, may evolve personas more fetching and alluring, simply more human, than any real human could be.

Shades of what we saw in “Blade Runner” … we don’t need “robots” … these virtual lovers will look so real that you could almost feel the texture of their skin and hair from your seat at the bar.

A Brave New World is headed our way …
…Coming soon! 


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