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Rendering in 4K video at 60FPS with MMD

How do I render in 4K in MMD? What settings should I use when rendering in 4K in MikuMikuDance? What are the hardware requirements to render in 4K? Hey readers of LearnMMD it is parkeerwacht again! I haven’t posted on the site in a bit because I haven’t had much time to spend on MMD […]


Recommended Software Library for MMDers

I have MMD, what other programs should I own? Do I need other softwares to go with MikuMikuDance? What programs will make MMD easier for me?   Recommended Software Library for MMDers… dA’s Trackdancer talks about his new video and has some suggestions for “must have” software for MMDers! Those of us who know Trackdancer […]


The K Lite Mega Codec Pack 995 – The Ultimate HD Video compressor!

How do I get the K Lite Mega Codec Pack 995? What is the best Codec to use to make videos in MikuMikuDance? Which video compression should I choose when rendering to AVI using MMD? How can I make 1080hd videos in Miku Miku Dance? What size should my screen be for HD video in […]


Updating the Codecs for MikuMikuDance’s Latest Versions

Codec Problems!

I keep getting a “Cannot open AVI” error message in MikuMikuDance. Why does the new version of MMD render so badly? Where can I update my codecs for Windows? MMD AVI rendering Tutorial? Avoid Rendering Problems-Update your Codecs! Things have been really busy here at LearnMMD labs! At the time of this writing there have […]

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