MMD Batokin Island stage is MORE than a beach

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comWhere can I download the MMD Batokin Island stage set? How do I use Batokin Island in MikuMikuDance? How do I move my models to a new part of MMD Batokin Island?


MMD Batokin Island stage is MORE than a beach scene!

It’s the stage for a full adventure video game … a beautiful place just waiting for your imagination to give it life!

MMD Batokin Island is a dreamy place ... and I used it as the set for my most recent love song video!

The MMD Batokin Island stage is easy to find on the web. I did a quick Google search and found a handful of sites offering the same link. This DeviantArt page has the link and the password. Follow this link and enter the password niconico into the blank window.The link takes you to a Japanese page … enter the password into the open blank and click the download link. On the next page, click the link again. (Sorry, in advance, for the sex-crap you are going to see there … just get through it quickly!)

Miku arrives on MMD Batokin Island ... a dance-floor on the beach!

When you first arrive on Batokin Island, you seem to have a dance-floor on the beach!

Swing the camera around and take a look at your new real estate … it’s a totally awesome place!


BDiscard the Display Coordinate Axis and add the included Skydome to get the sand in your shoes on MMD Batokin Island.atokinAddSkyAdd the skydome and remove the coordinate axis display to get your shoes full of  sand.






MMD Batokin Island is large ... huge! ... and fun to explore!MMD Batokin Island is a huge place … plenty of room for Miku and all of her friends! Too bad the waves don’t “wash up onto the beach” … but, still … it looks great!




You can get lost on MMD Batokin Island ... what a way to go!

MMD Batokin Island … MORE than a Beach!

Few MMDers truly explore and exploit the many scenic features of the island paradise!

Get your adventure on …

MANY MMDers already own their own MMD Batokin Island … but few ever venture away from the beach. Batokin Island being so large, you’d think it’d be hard to get around … but it’s EASY if you  move the island to Miku … rather than trying to move Miku to the island. I do it by attaching the island to a dummy bone … just as you would any other accessory. Then load a model (Miku) and go to the Dummy Bone …  select the island’s dummy bone and slide the island around beneath Miku’s feet until you arrive at your destination.

I find that, sometimes, the trees and shrubs don’t work well against the skydome … so I remove the skydome and add a scenic photo from my collection to be the background image … like my “lovers on the grass” image at the top of this story … that’s a cloud background image rather than the skydome.

There’s MORE to the island as well … your download includes additional trees and shrubs and a piece of fence that you can place into your scene … and you can use the skydome and the other bits and pieces with OTHER stages in your collection … just treat them as you would any other accessory.

Have fun with MMD Batokin Island!


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