MMD MME Fisheye Lens effect offers Scene Transitions & Cropping

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow do I use the Fisheye Lens Effect? Where can I download the Fisheye lens effect?. How can I make interesting screen transitions using the Fisheye lens effect? How can I make my MMD video look super wide-screen?

The MME Fisheye Lens effect is very adjustable and gives you nice fisheye lens effects!

You’d expect an effect called the Fisheye Lens effect would give you scenes that look as if viewed through a fisheye lens… and THIS effect does not disappoint!

MMD MME Fisheye Lens effect
offers fisheye-lens effects…
AND Scene Transitions & Cropping!

It’s simple to use… just DOWNLOAD the effect, we are using the FishEyeV2… Extract the zip folder… and then load the fisheye.x as an effect.

See the readme… translated into English for you here:

Fisheye lens effect Ver.2.0

Production: Soboro

This effect distorts the screen like a fisheye lens.
The effect appears in conjunction with the viewing angle. When the viewing angle is small, there is almost no effect.

Since the bone display and the model position are out of alignment, turn it off when editing bones.

A fisheye lens with an iso-solid angle projection method is used according to personal preference.
However, it is not a perfect reproduction.

● How to use

・ Load FishEye.x effect with MMD

・ Adjust the amount of distortion with Si
-Add solid black with X and Y. At 100, the entire screen becomes solid black.
-Z to enlarge or reduce the screen. The magnification is (100 + Z)%.

● Update history

・ Change the operation method
・ Black solid function added

-Added operation by Tr value
・ Adjust automatic resizing

● Parameters

It will be automatically resized to fill the screen as much as possible.
1 is valid, 0 is invalid.
Please note that the image quality will inevitably deteriorate.

Doubles the resolution of the original drawing to prevent deterioration of image quality when using AUTO_RESIZE.
However, it has the following restrictions.
・ It takes 4 times more load to draw
・ The screen size and output size must be 1/2 or less of the display resolution.
・ Post-effects that use off-screen such as SvDOF and SSAO cannot be used together.

● Notes

-When using other post effects together, set the drawing order of this effect later.
Since the screen is greatly distorted, other effects may not function properly.
・ It is not recommended to use with DOF. In addition to not being able to use the HIGH_RESOLUTION option
This is because ultra-wide-angle lenses generally have an extremely deep depth of field.
-On a wide screen, the resolution drops significantly.

● Disclaimer
You are free to use it in any way, but please do so at your own risk.

There you go… that’s MOST of what you can do…

You can adjust the Camera View Angle and balance that with Si size control… fun stuff…

Here is a scene with the Camera View Angle of 58 and Fisheye Effect Si 1.0 … it almost looks like an old-time CRT color TV set!

Here is a scene at View Angle of 58 and Fisheye Effect Si 1.0 ... it almost looks like an old-time CRT color TV set!

That image at the TOP of this page is View Angle of 51 and a Fisheye Effect Si size of 3

The ReadMe mentions adjusting the X and Y effect values…

If you set the Si size at only 0.1, there is almost no effect on your picture. And THEN you can add black bars above and below your scene by adjusting the Y value… from 0% (no effect) to 100%… solid black screen. … Below, I chose to show you a value of 30 … that’d be 30%… giving us a nice Wide-Screen cropping effect.

You can adjust the "Y" value of the Fisheye Lens effect to add black bars... go wide-screen!

… and if you make BOTH X and Y be 30… it looks like this:

Adjust both the X and Y settings to add black bars on all four ides of your MMD scene!

See that nice black border all around the scene.

These X and Y value adjustments do not “animate”. If, in frame 80, you register a setting, you will see no change until suddenly at frame 80, you can see the bars… a sudden change… would be great for a scene transition!

The ReadMe does NOT mention THIS cool transition…

If you use an Si size of a TINY size, like an Si of 0.0006 the screen begins to collapse in the middle…

… and THIS can continue until the image warps away to solid black!

THIS idea DOES animate… so you can use those tiny numbers to create a screen transition to change scenes, or whatever…

I have never seen an MMD video with THAT screen transition… fun to play with… experiment with tiny numbers with three and four zeros before your integer.

And, of course, the MME Fisheye Lens effect gives
nice fisheye lens effects, too!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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