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LearnMMD’s Dueling Banjos Banjo is avilable for Download!

MMD Banjo_RD by Reggie Dentmore for MikuMikuDance 7.39

Where can I get a banjo for MikuMikuDance? I need musical instruments for MMD. Is there a banjo for miku miku dance? An MMDer on YouTube requested my Banjo … Here you go! I created this banjo for use in MikuMikuDance from a model I found in Google Sketchup’s 3D-Warehouse … a model created by […]

Download the latest version of MMD MikuMikuDance! Step-by-step instructions to help you make an MMD Music Video! bo-beep-bo-beep! LearnMMD's Step-by-Step MMD instructions for MikuMikuDance!

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