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Add a Motherbone for Easy Model Manipulation in MMD 7.39

How do I add a motherbone to my MMD models? Why A Feature Article by Stella The Alchemist on LearnMMD.com!would I add a motherbone to my MMD model? How can I move my MikuMikuDance model and keep her there without her drifting back to center-stage? Do I use PMDE to add a motherbone?

It’s easy to add a Motherbone to your MMD Models!

One very useful feature some MMD models have is the motherbone. This is similar to the centerbone/groove bone, Add a motherbone to easily move your models to new positions on stage! LearnMMD.com MMD 7.39but you’ll see it on the floor between the model’s feet instead of between their legs. While the groove bone moves only the upper body, with the lower body dragging along like a rag doll, the motherbone moves the entire model in the same position it already is. This is extremely useful for things like moving models with motion data as the motions and positions go with the model as you move the motherbone, whereas, since the groove bone already has to move for dances and is locked into its relationship with the coordinate grid, it’s pretty much impossible to reposition dancers without a motherbone.

Now of course this all sounds great, but there’s one problem: Most MMD models don’t actually have motherbones! How can we fix this? It’s simple, really. First, open your model in PMD Editor. In the main editor (Not PMD Viewer), go to the Edit tab. Go to the “Bone” option, and hit It's easy to add a motherbone. Open PMDE, Open your model in PMDE, Add amotherbone! LearnMMD.com MMD 7.39“MasterParentBone” at the bottom of the list. A window will pop up asking you if you want to add a parent bone. Click yes… and see that the new bone is added. Be sure to check the bone name in both English and Japanese. In English: All Parents, or similar… but in order to match Japanese motion files, the Japanese name needs to be 全ての親

And that’s all there is to it! Now you can easily move your model around the stage. :3

BUT WAIT! What about models you are not allowed to edit? Well… I usually do it anyway. Click the image here to learn all about the rules of proper MMD etiquette ... sharing and modifying your models. Keep the Faith-MMD on LearnMMD.comBecause all you’re doing is adding a motherbone and not actually editing the model, I usually assume it’s ok. Just don’t redistribute it, and you should be fine. I really don’t see any reason for anyone to get mad for adding a motherbone to your model, so I would say go ahead and do it. Just don’t do anything else, and don’t redistribute it.


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  1. A person A person
    April 21, 2017    


    I have been trying to find this for a long time now, but never found exactly what I was looking for… THANKTHANKSTHANKS

  2. Seven Seven
    July 25, 2015    

    -“you can select the whole IK *group* in FMP…”
    please explain better: what is FMP?

    I use the pmd models given with MMD, and they seem not have the “mother bone”. To move them out of the center position a do: “select all”, then “move” and “register”. It works, but then if I load a motion they “drift” back to the center during the animation…

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      July 25, 2015    

      The FMP… the bone-chart in the Frame Manipulation Panel.
      Mother bones… are not part of all MMD models… the Animasa models downloaded with MMD do not have them. And so, yes, the model will drift back, as you say. You can ADD a mother bone to your model … or you can use the Center Position Bias command to move the whole motion to a new position on your stage.

  3. KillerBeer KillerBeer
    December 30, 2014    

    No, but you can select the whole IK *group* in FMP, then shift-select the center bone (so that all mobile bones would be selected at once), and then you will be able to shift the model as a whole.

  4. rosechaaan rosechaaan
    December 29, 2014    

    is there any way to do this or an equivalent in mmd? my pmd is broken and until I can fix it, I can’t do the scenes for a fanseries I’m hoping to do-they can’t all run in place! XD

    Thanks for trying in advance!

  5. Arizona Arizona
    February 6, 2013    

    Thanks for writing this Stella.
    I’m an ardent advocate for mommy bones (My first article for LMMD was about Mother Bones).
    You make it look so easy!

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