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Learn MMD Basics before jumping into a big project!

LearnMMD.com _ MikuMikuDance MMD Tutorials

Learn MMD Basics before jumping into a big project! A reader wrote a comment… I tried to make a movie. I’m new to MikuMikuDance and I want to make my own but I don’t know how. Please help me learnmmd?! … and LearnMMD’s Silent Headset replied: Hmm…first off…make sure you already get the hang of […]


Public Domain and Ethical Release for MMD

What are ethics?  What is public domain?  How should I release an MMD model?  What are MMD rules?  How can I release to the public domain? If you’ve been following along with LearnMMD for a while now, you’re probably familiar with its Keep the Faith series, encouraging you to behave in a manner that supports […]


Bandizip® keeps Japanese file names intact when Extracting ZIP folders

How can I keep the Japanese file names when I download and extract new MMD models? Do I have to use Applocale to keep the file names from getting scrambled? Bandisoft’s free Bandizip® software lets you keep the original Japanese file names! Over the years that I have been enjoying MikuMikuDance, the on-going bugaboo has […]


Creating MMD Diva Performance Animations – An Overview

How do I create a Diva Performance MMD animation? How do I make a professional-looking MMD music video? What software do I need to make top-end, high quality MMD videos? What is the actual process for creating quality MMD animations from scratch? Creating MMD Diva Performance Animations … An Overview In the final analysis, MMD […]


Saved Poses get your MMD Animation Started!

Value of saved poses.

I have, like, writer’s block. How do I get started with my MMD animation? I can’t make my MMD video, it’s too hard to get started. Create your collection of saved poses… Animation Shortcut: Use Saved Poses to get your MMD Animation Started! When you first load your model… “There she is…” frozen in that […]


Set MMD Widescreen Screen Size balance Size VS Quality

What screen size should I use for Widescreen in MMD? How do I set the screen size in MikuMikuDance? What screen size does YouTube recommend? Widescreen! Most people enjoy a screen dimension of 16×9 “Widescreen”… could be 1600 x 900 pixels… but that’d be too large for me… my file size would be huge! For […]

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