Reggie’s ADORATION of FIVE MMD Models -Downloads and Instructions

Where can I find the KPOP song FICTION by BEAST? How do I put together the MMD motions I downloaded for FICTION? Do I have to keep this dance as a vertical cell-phone window??

CLICK the lower Left of this YouTube Screen and watch this animation at FULL SCREEN and your best resolution… fun!


… with Download Links and Instructions

“The making of…”

I started-out the day looking for something new… some MMD motion download that I hadn’t seen before.

I found an MMD video of a KPOP song by BEAST called Fiction. … GO TO THAT LINK and click on the link to the MOTIONS download. It’s a Google-Drive page with a 52MB download! … It is motion-files for FIVE dancers.

The motion files for this ADORATION of FIVE MMD Models are huge!Those motion files CANNOT be edited… they have been run through the Animation Smoother Tool and so every bone in every frame has a registered diamond… a solid wall of diamonds. AND those motion files are HUGE files… Each dancer’s file is well over 5MB for this short video… that’s a LOT of diamonds!

When you HAVE the Download…

You will see that there is NO ReadMe file… I don’t know WHO created these motions and what, if any, restrictions there may be. I gave a thought to hosting these files on LearnMMD… but I don’t know who owns them and, besides, those files are HUGE… better to leave them on a Google-Drive page!

Load your five chosen models. (I used all TDA Models because I know they work well with most downloaded motions) The models DO need to have a Motherbone…. Choose your STAR Model to get the motion 1.VMD … after that, the other motions get about equal stage-time. … Push PLAY and watch the action. … I was surprised to see models appearing and disappearing in front of my eyes… but then I remembered that in the ORIGINAL Beast Video, it was a cell-phone video!… a tall-oriented cell phone video format. … So, that’s what I did. I set my MMD Screen Size to 440 x 786… and now, though I could see a few of those pop-in/pop-outs, it was an easy matter of camerawork to hide those events.

Download the WAV and the Camera VMD File that I created.

Inside that folder you will find the WAV, the camera VMD file that I created and also the dummybone motion that I used to put a gyration into that skydome background! Feel free to edit that Camera motion in any way you choose… or simply create your own if you wish.

I DID use the Spacedome skydome that is included in the LearnMMD Stage that Trackdancer created for us. It’s a pretty sky… but I wanted ACTION… so I attached that skydome to Dammybone 1 and then  rolled that bone all over the place! … see that the dummybone vmd is there in this download.

No stage in my video…

I didn’t use a stage… I used the LearnMMD DeckPanel from the Downloads Page at a Si size of 15… so it was huge! I went into Accessory Mode and lowered that panel flush with the Coordinate Grid. … I then turned off the Coordinate grid. That deck panel… you can easily replace the one .PNG texture image with any image you choose… I did mine in a Heart-Giftwrap image that I found on Google.

My FIVE Models…

an Adoration of Five MMD Models… 


My main model is TDA China Dress Miku 1.02 … I found that the creator ENDIBELL has taken all of her models down… none are available any longer. … and I saw a note asking to not share her models with anyone. … so… SORRY… I do not have a link for you.



TDA Cotton Pearl Miku\TDA x WOOBAK Cotton Pearl Miku.pmx … … sorry I don’t have anything but that Bowlroll page for you… SEE the README in that model’s folder.



Tda Imitation White (Jjinomu)\Tda Imitation White Meiko (Jjinomu).pmx …




TDA Miku Hatsune ~Samba~ BY Shiro-NekoVocaloid …




TDA Costume Arrangement A Miku\Arrangement A Ponytail.pmx …



I applied Real Material Shader and Real Figure Shader as per my previous article about those two shaders… I also added SSAO-Lite for that depth of color. I ALSO added FALLING HEARTS EFFECT.


my ADORATION of FIVE MMD Models has the lights turned down but a little on the PINK side for better skin tones.


… For even better color, I turned-down the main lights… they are normally RGB all at 154… I set MINE for about 135 but with an R of a little higher than the other two so as to add a warm blush to all of the skin-tones.

The Falling Hearts Effect…

I set my Si size at 10 for larger hearts, farther apart… and then set that rotation of Rx to 90 so that the hearts are flying-in across the screen. … Fun!

That’s about it!

… “ADORE” your models… this is a fun animation!



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