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MMD Keyboard Shortcuts Make MikuMikuDance Easier

What are the MMD keyboard shortcuts? Are thereFeature Article by LearnMMD contributor MMD-Nay-PMD. Click to see her articles! MikuMikuDance keyboard shortcuts? How do you use keyboard shortcuts in Miku Miku Dance?

Shortcuts. Amazing, aren’t they? They make things so much easier for you, not to mention so much faster as well! I have noticed that we already have a few keyboard shortcut articles here on LearnMMD which tell you about the interface shortcuts, so think of this as a continuation article.

MMD Keyboard Shortcuts: A Continuation~

Here is a small list of my favourite useful shortcuts that I am sure you are going to love, too! I hope they make your life a whole lot easier when using MMD.


 Interface Shortcuts:

  • P One may think that the P key would mean Pause, right? But despite what you may think, P actually means Play. By pressing this key you can control the play options, click it once and all registered key-frames will start to play. Press it again and it will stop.
  • Alt + Enter This opens the screen in full view when playing. Press it again, or press ESC, to go back to normal view.
  • Tab This is a VERY useful shortcut! It actually scrolls through each model, changing from one to another, each time you press it. It even lets you access the Light/Camera/Accessory tab. Awesome, right?


Camera Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Right-Click + Drag  This zooms the camera in and out without having to click on the magnifying glass in the right hand corner of the screen. Time saving and useful.
  • Shift + Right-Click + Drag This moves the whole view of the model, stage and any accessories  In short everything on screen, it moves it. Although this is mainly used for the camera, it can also be used in any other mode also.
  • Background Shortcuts:Control-Drag the magnifying Glass to Enlarge/Reduce the Background image. MMD Keyboard Shortcuts Tutorial on LearnMMD.com
  • Ctrl and Dragging the Microscope Icon Ever load a background or a AVI and get a little bummed as it is too small? Fear no more! This shortcut resizes the background and if you drag the cursor far enough, it will flip turn it upside down.
  • Ctrl and Dragging the Green Arrows Icon This one is very similar to the Control-Drag the green arrows icon to move the background image! MMD keyboard shortcut tutorials on LearnMMD.comShift+ Right-click + Drag shortcut, the only difference if that instead of moving everything on stage, it moves the background around instead. Brilliant if the background loaded in the wrong place.


More Camera Shortcuts:

(Note: These only work if the Number Pad is activated using Number Lock.)

  • 0 (Zero) This shifts the camera view from its default position to underneath, giving you a direct view of beneath the models.
  • 2 Shifts the camera view head on, just like the default setting.
  • 4 This shifts the camera so you have a left side view of the model.
  • 5 This shifts the camera view to directly above the model, a birds-eye view.
  • This, just like the 4 shortcut, shifts the camera view to the side. This one however shifts the view to the right.
  • 8 Last but no least, this shortcut shifts the camera view to the back of the model, this is useful for quick first-person perspective changes in any videos.



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  1. Misaki Misaki
    March 12, 2019    

    Found this: https://www6.atwiki.jp/vpvpwiki/pages/12.html#id_9dd4e9ac

    It let me know what the G key did. It goes to the selected frame in newest MMD version. I also learned you can do slow zoom in model mode with Ctrl+right-click-drag, you can quickly switch between camera mode and model mode by double-right-click on certain places of the interface, and Number Pad 0 brings view to the camera.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      March 12, 2019    

      Great! … Thank you!
      Some of the info on that page is very old. They mention Ver 3.x and newer…The first DirectX MMD was MMD 7.39… and today we are running 9.31… so, info there may no longer apply to us.

  2. Bevin Olson Bevin Olson
    October 31, 2017    

    For some reason, in MMD if you press Control Shift G, it brings up what appears to be a window that inverts the screen or something of that nature…? Does anyone else know what that does exactly? It seems to be an inverted version of what the model looks like, but I can’t tell what it’s doing exactly. Any clue what it does…? I think it’s some kind of unused feature that isn’t widely known or something.

    • October 31, 2017    

      Oh, that’s interesting, thanks for sharing!

      It looks to me like an image from the perspective of the light source. Notice how it changes when you change the shadow range setting. Could be useful for figuring out best shadow ranges!

  3. Hawk Hawk
    February 13, 2016    

    Add “Pause Key” in future version please, btw thanks

    • August 2, 2017    

      Unfortunately, we are a fan site. We have no control over MMD’s features. Sorry.

  4. July 20, 2013    

    @Iggybrows You’re Welcome~ I’m glad you found it useful :)

  5. Iggybrows Iggybrows
    July 16, 2013    

    This was so helpful! Thank you!

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