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Hair Falling through the Body in MMD Models and How to Fix It

Luka with Body Pane with Vignette

Why does my MMD model’s hair fall through the body? How do you stop hair falling through the the body? How do bodies stop bodies from clipping through hair? Hair Falling through the Body in MMD Models and How to Fix It Note: This article is written for absolute beginners whose only experience with PMXE […]


Oomary’s guide to mastering MMD Hair Physics

How can I fix my model’s MMD hair physics? How do I use PMDE to adjust my model’s  physics? How do I fix MMD hair physics? Oomary’s guide to Mastering MMD Hair Physics TABLE OF CONTENTS Who I am Bodies and Weighting Body Physics Joint Physics Closing Who I am Hi, hey hello everybody! I’m […]


Intersecting Physics Bodies Cause Glitchy MMD Models

What are intersecting physics bodies? Why don’t my physics work? How do I fix my physics? Glitched Physics? It’s Probably Intersecting Physics Bodies. MMD has bad physics. There. I said it. If you’ve watched a cloth modifier tutorial for Blender, you will most likely know what I’m going to point out. In Blender, you create bodies […]


Create Bouncing Ball using MMD Physics Engine

I want to make a bouncing ball. How can I make a ball that bounces on its own? How can I apply physics to my bouncing ball? The MMD physics engine is powerful. In this tutorial we will make a dynamic model, a bouncing ball, which takes full advantage of the MMD physics engine! Use […]


Switch Models without Physics Glitches

How do I change my model mid-animation in MMD? How do I switch models in MikuMikuDance? How do I prevent the physics from glitching in MMD when I switch models? How do I swap models in MMD? Switching models and prevent the physics from glitching. Hello LearnMMD readers, it’s parkeerwacht with another tutorial. To introduce […]


How to tame unruly skirts: fix fluttering parts in MMD 9.xx+

Why some parts of my model shake like crazy, even while in static? What can I do to stop my skirt from fluttering? How can I fix fluttering parts? When the “better” physics turns to do worse Ninth generation of MikuMikuDance releases, along with new possibilities, also brought new problems. Newest versions’ physics engine, far […]

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