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No Diamonds Appear in Frame Chart in MMD and How to Fix It

Why do no diamonds appear in frame chart? How do you make the diamonds show up in the frame chart? How can you fix the display panel? No Diamonds Appear in Frame Chart and How to Fix It I love reader questions, and this article is based on a reader’s question. The best thing about […]


Hair Falling through the Body in MMD Models and How to Fix It

Luka with Body Pane with Vignette

Why does my MMD model’s hair fall through the body? How do you stop hair falling through the the body? How do bodies stop bodies from clipping through hair? Hair Falling through the Body in MMD Models and How to Fix It Note: This article is written for absolute beginners whose only experience with PMXE […]


PMXE Skirt Plugin Presets and Other Tips for Awesome Skirts

Skirt in the process of being rigged in PMX Editor

How can I easily use the PMXE Skirt Plugin? What are PMXE Skirt Plugin presets? Where can I find PMXE Skirt Plugin Presets? PMXE Skirt Plugin Presets and Other Skirt Tips Usually I flow through articles logically. I try to start at the bottom and work my way up. The mesh comes before the weighting, […]


Create Sph Files in Blender Without Drawing Anything!

Close Up of Sph File with Text

How do I create Sph files? What can I use to create sph files? Can I create sph files without a drawing tablet? What are Sph files? There are many articles on this site alone that deal with Sph and Spa files. But the only MMD related thing the phrase “Create Sph Files” brings up when you type […]


Cycles Materials For Textures in Blender: Nice Textures for MMD Fast!

Cycles materials for textures model and nodes

What are Cycles Materials? How do you use cycle materials for textures? What’s the fastest way to make realistic textures? I’m in a bit of a “little old lady who swallowed a fly” situation. This article is about using cycles materials for textures. Cycles Render is an engine within Blender. So, you guessed it. It’s […]


Removing Double Vertices to Create Continuous UV Maps

What’s the point of removing double vertices in Blender? How do I remove double vertices? Why isn’t my UV map continuous? Why are there double vertices? Double vertices happen when there are two identical vertices in the same exact spot. If you made your own model in Blender and took care to make sure there […]

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