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Installing old DirectX 9c solves many MMD Missing DLL Errors

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comMMD won’t run. I get missing DLL file error statements. When I load MME, MikuMikuDance crashes. My MMD cannot render to AVI. MMD failed to load.

Don’t use any of those “DLL Fixers”…

Installing old DirectX 9c solves many MMD Missing DLL Errors

Editor’s Note, 1/18/16:
This article may be out of date.
Our Parkeerwacht has written
a single article describing the common errors and the latest solutions to those errors. See that post to find the answers you need as you
fix / troubleshoot MikuMikuDance.
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A case history… 8/8/2015

A Reader writes…

Thanks for your help. I got the 64 bit version and it has the MME tab but now it doesn’t load MMD., saying it failed to load the files. I don’t know what is wrong because a have a lenova yoga laptop that should have a good video card.

I also have a new problem. MMD won’t render anything over 6000 frames, do you know why.

Plz help

I Replied…


Can you run that by me again… … You got the 64-bit version of MMD … and it has the MME in the upper right corner… and now… ?? … MMD will not load… it DID load… and now it will not? … what error message do you get?… the wording of that message.

Reader writes…

I have 64bit MMD.  I got the 64 bit version of MME v037 as you suggested. When I load MMD up, enough of it loads so that I can see the MMEffect tab, but then an error box for MME pops up saying, and I quote, “Initialize Error: failed to load default effect file. Please check video card capability”.  I don’t know what is wrong because I have a really modern laptop so there shouldn’t be a problem with my video card as far as I know.

Sorry if you didn’t get everything. I quickly put everything down because I have only been using MMD for 4 weeks and was really disappointed when MME didn’t work.

Thanks for all your help so far! :3

I Replied…

Okay… I haven’t seen that particular error before… Maybe try the regular 32-bit MME?? … or a combo of the 32-bit MMD and 32-bit MME?? I don’t think you HAVE to run 64-bit MMD on your 64-bit computer.

That latest version of MME, v037, was released so as to be compatible with the latest version of MMD …MMD 9.31 and MMD 9.31×64 … so I know that MME v037 Does work.

Let me know what happens… I can ask others of our writers if you still have issues.

Glad to help!
— Reggie

Reader writes…

When I first got MMD, I got the 32 bit version and it wouldn’t run because of a dll issue that I couldn’t fix even with a dll fixer. I’ve tried running the 32 bit MME with my 64 bit MMD and the same problem has occurred. The MMEffect tab appers but MMD won’t load properly. I don’t know if my video card has actually got a problem but at the moment I think it might have since the same error message with both 32 and 64 bit MME.

Please ask some of you other writers if it’s ok with them. I don’t want to force you guys to help me.

Thanks again. You’ve been really helpful so far.

I Replied…
A DLL fixer… … Have you tried downloading our old DirectX 9c update… from the LearnMMD.com/downloads Downloads page? … there are old DLL files in there that MMD “needs”. … If you download and install our old DirectX update, your system may remind you that you already have a newer version of DirectX installed… Continue? … “Yes”… go ahead and add this older version…then try your MMD/MME again.

Lemme know what happens.

— Reggie

It worked!

Reader writes…

It worked! And MME also now works without causing it to crash!

Thanks for all your help!!!!!!! :3

I just love success!

Don’t use a “DLL Fixer” or try to download single DLLs…

Doing a Google search for particular missing DLLS will not solve your problem. DirectX is a “system” that requires a network of interrelated DLL files… if you are missing one, you are probably missing a handful of them. The web is full of scams offering to fix your DLL error in exchange for your looking at all of their ads… don’t fall for it.

MikuMikuDance requires some of the original DLL files found in old DirectX 9c…

Newer machines come with newer versions of DirectX which may not include the MMD-required “old” DLLs. Downloading and installing the DirectX 9c update offered from the LearnMMD.com Downloads page may well be the solution to MANY of your MMD running and setup problems.

As mentioned, above… when you try to install the old DirectX 9c, your computer may pop-up a warning that you already HAVE a newer version of DirectX installed. Click “OK to Continue”, or whatever is the correct response, to go ahead and install this older version of DirectX.

Enjoy MikuMikuDance!


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  1. clarissa clarissa
    September 18, 2018    

    Hi! I have the latest version of MMD, it was fine but today it does not open anymore, I have directx 12 the system and 64 bit windows 10. can anyone help me?
    my sister (also her directx 12 windows 10 64 bit) instead, has a problem with mmdxshow.dll tried to replace the file and even re-released MMD but it did not work. can only publish images but no videos …. what should you do?

  2. May 10, 2017    

    it says i need a d3dx9_43.dllhalp me i downloaded your dx thing its not working help me please

  3. 5DPi 5DPi
    May 3, 2016    

    I’m having the same problem with MME as the person in your article had, but I can’t download the old DirectX 9c because apparently Windows10 can’t. I don’t know what to do…

    • May 3, 2016    

      There are two links to DirectX in the Downloads page. One of them should work even on Windows 10.

      • 5DPi 5DPi
        May 4, 2016    

        It did download, but MMD still crashes when the MME files are in the same folder as MMD. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. It seems to work eventually for everyone else.

        • 5DPi 5DPi
          May 4, 2016    

          Is there any certain file I’m supposed to put the DirectX stuff in?

          • May 4, 2016    

            You have downloaded the directX_Jun2010_redist.exe file. Launch it, and it will ask you to provide it with a clean folder to unpack; do so. Onse it unpacks, find a DXSETUP.exe in there and launch it too. (After you’re done, you can delete the unpacked folder)

  4. Jadeite Jadeite
    March 5, 2016    

    HI, i don’t know if you are replying to this but i’ve tried to render my work to avi file and it said ‘mmdxshow–>dll’ not in ‘data’. please download a new version of mmd’ I’ve tried useyour tutorioals and also youtube but nothing worked. what is the problem?

  5. Sarah Sarah
    November 24, 2015    

    So my problem is that MMD says it can’t start because apparently the thing named d3dx9_43.dll isn’t there and I’ve attempted to fix it by going through and re-downloading Direct X 9c from both a search on the internet and the old version from Microsoft but the web installer simply say stuff about downloading windows 10 even though I’m on a pre downloaded windows 10 device

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      November 25, 2015    

      You will want to download that old Direct X 9c… even if your computer complains that you already have a newer version. MMD needs a couple of those old DLL’s… Also… you say Windows 10 “Device” … MMD can run on a desktop or a laptop… don’t know if it can run on another device.

      • Sarah Sarah
        November 25, 2015    

        It doesn’t complain about that though, and I don’t know how to exactly classify the surface pro 4 and it simply says that I have to have an older processing system to install it

        • November 25, 2015    

          You should download the DirectX9.0C from here:

          That link worked for me on Win10
          If that link doesn`t work I don`t know what will work, sorry.

          Also I don`t reccomend the Surface pro for MMD, because I am afraid it will lagg out very quickly. Even my high-end gaming machine is lagging on MMD. (I5 4670K @4.2 GHz and an AMD R9 280X) So I think MMD would lagg for sure on the Surface pro.

        • Sarah Sarah
          November 25, 2015    

          Never mind, I somehow fixed it on my own. Still have no idea how, ah well, better to not question it before it breaks

        • Sarah Sarah
          November 25, 2015    

          Never mind, I somehow fixed it on my own. Still have no idea how, ah well, better to not question it before it breaks

  6. gabby gabby
    September 30, 2015    
    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      October 1, 2015    

      I read your page and some of the comments, there, about your “0xc000007b” error… that’s a complicated problem, outside any MikuMikuDance question/answer. Google search it, just search for 0xc000007b and see the many possible causes and the “so many” possible cures. I DO get asked about this 0xc000007b error, from time to time: you are not alone. … but I have no answer for you. … on the OTHER side, Please let me know if you find a solution that I can share with others on LearnMMD!

  7. Hina Hina
    September 27, 2015    

    Hi! I am having major horrible problem with the mme effect. It keeps giving me this error that says ‘Failed To Load Default Effect File Please check your video Card Capability’ I don’t know how to fix it. I tried dling all types of mme effect but nothing seems to work. Even if i dl the dx thing i already have the correct version nothing works. And I dl’d vredicst. But It still wont work. I need help badly.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      September 27, 2015    

      It could indeed be an inadequate graphics card… could be you are mixing 64-bit with 32-bit… I don’t know. Search Google for it:
      Failed To Load Default Effect File MME
      … there are many responses to look at.

  8. Takanashi Takanashi
    September 5, 2015    

    I can’t save my mmd video because its sad: ” can’t read d3dx9_32.dll . pleased download the newest version of mikumikudance” can you help me…? (sorry, I’m not very good at english)

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      September 7, 2015    

      Try downloading the DirectX 9c update linked-to from our LearnMMD Downloads page. MMD needs needs those old DLL’s contained in that early version of DirectX. If your computer reminds you that you already HAVE a newer version, go ahead and install this older one, too. We have an article about that particular missing DLL: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/mmd-error-d3dx9_32-dll-was-not-found/

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