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Subtex slot for MMD models in PMXE

What is subtexture?  What is subtex?  How do I use subtex for MMD models?  How do I use addUV with MMD models?  What can I do with subtexture?   What the hecks is subtex? If you’ve played around with making MMD models, maybe you’ve noticed that you have three choices for sphere textures. Add spheres […]


Removing Double Vertices to Create Continuous UV Maps

What’s the point of removing double vertices in Blender? How do I remove double vertices? Why isn’t my UV map continuous? Why are there double vertices? Double vertices happen when there are two identical vertices in the same exact spot. If you made your own model in Blender and took care to make sure there […]


Making MMD Models Complicated Task with much to know!

Making MMD models is difficult! There is much to know and much to learn. There is no “magic”… you must become a student of the process in order to have success. Making MMD models is complicated work… … with much to know/much to learn! I got an email this morning: Hello! I need help again […]


MMD Model Hair Textures Made With . . . IMVU Tutorials?!

How can I make realistic hair? What should I look up for hair texture tutorials? Do I need a tablet to make pretty hair? Can I make MMD model hair textures without Blender? This article uses this beautiful hair by TehRainbowLlama.  How do you make MMD model hair textures? There are many ways to make […]


Easily Make Realistic Hair Texture for MMD Models

What programs can I use to create realistic hair texture for MMD Models? How can I make my MikuMikuDance model’s hair look realistic? How do I make hair textures? How can I make textures without a tablet? The Easiest Way to Make Realistic Hair Texture for MMD Models Textures are hard! When making a texture, you […]


Make MMD Model Hands from scratch in Blender

How can I make MMD model hands for my MikuMikuDance model? How can “Mark Seams” help me make nice textures? How on Earth do you make hands?! Use Blender to make MMD Model Hands from scratch: Making an Easy to Texture Hand One of the hardest parts of modeling hands isn’t the modeling itself – […]

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