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Use the PMXE Transform Window to edit your MMD models!

How can I edit models?  How can I make my selfie model for MMD? What is the PMXE transform screen? How do I use PMXE to make a model for MMD? How do I add parts to my MMD model? PMXE comes with a powerful tool in its transform window. Hopefully, you’re familiar with it […]


How to resize PMD models (and what to do when they don’t)

Learn to resize PMD models

How do I resize PMD models? How do I use a resize plugin? What should I do if the plugin works wrong? Are there other ways to resize than by using the plugin? Various ways to resize PMD models: from simple to advanced Quite often PMD models you want to use may be not exactly […]


Re-size PMD Models and Keep the Bones and Physics!

How do I re-size PMD models in MikuMikuDance? Can I change the size of my MMD models? If I convert my model to .x, I lose all the bones. Re-size PMD Models… … and Keep the Bones & Physics! Have you ever wanted to change the size of a PMD model? When I was working […]

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