MMD NyaReimu dances to Miku’s “The World is Mine”

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In my Latest Video …
NyaReimu dances to Miku’s “The World is Mine”

Watch the video on YouTube as NyaReimu dance to Miku's "World is Mine"s

Isn’t she pretty?

NyaReimu "get's into her zone" when she is onstage!I know her as NyaReimu … but her official name is:
Reimu Hakurei [Version] V1.2a (Version 110509a).
The old page where I found the link for her does NOT have a link to her files anymore: … but a reader gave me THIS Link that includes NyaReimu … and a bunch of other fun things!

The “ReadMe” specifically says “Do Not Redistribute” … so I cannot share my model with you.

NyaReimu is a complicated model. Be ready to wait as you Render to AVI!

NyaReimu is the most complicated of my models. All of those flowing fabrics are properly weighted … LOTS of bones … the physics works very well. As you watch my video, watch carefully and see that at no time is there a failure … the skirt flows beautifully, the hands never pass through the sleeves, or anything like that. (OK … there IS one moment where her right sleeve flutters against her body “:o).

I first made this animation as I wrote my previous article … a tutorial to help MMD newbies to make their first MMD music video. In that article, I used the model Mew that was supplied in the links that I referenced for that project.

Dancing NyaReimu!When I was done with that project, I played with the animation, a bit, and decided to upload THIS version to YouTube, just to show off the model.

One of the tweaks I made was to adjust the video size from the original animation’s 512×385 “academy format” to a 16×9 widescreen 512×288. Although the widescreen was a good idea, my numbers are too small … and, at best, the video looks kind of low-res on YouTube!

The “World is Mine” dance is high energy … but the frantic motions become much less-so when translated through the gentle swaying of NyaReimu’s beautifully-weighted heavy fabrics.

Except for NyaReimu, the links for all of the files used in this video are found in IA Vocaloid Channel’s video:

My computer crashed a couple of times as I tried to Render to AVI.

That complicated stage …

… and my complicated model … and the MME SSAO_Lite effect … slowed my computer to a CRAWL when it came time to Render to AVI.

… CRASHED my computer!

In-fact, the first time I tried to render the video, my computer locked-up at about frame 580; the monitor went dark for a couple of seconds and, NyaReimu ...Too Cute!when my desktop was again visible, there was a large error message announcing that the ATI Video Card had suffered a temporary failure.

I closed MMD … opened MMD, opened the dance, made sure the settings were correct and, again attempted to render to Video … and AGAIN had that failure occur … got that same message … at frame 620, this time.

So … I shut off the computer.. I know that it was hot; had been running all day … 14 hours, at least?? … and I waited until next morning. Then, I started the computer, opened MMD, and did a Render to AVI before the system had time to heat-up… SUCCESS!

Enjoy watching NyaReimu dance to Miku’s “The World is Mine”.



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