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Photos make realistic eye textures for your MMD models

Model eye-mesh texture VS Photographic eye-mesh in Blender.Blender

How can I use Blender to make a realistic eye texture for my MMD model? Can I just paint a new texture image to be my model’s eyes? How can I use a photo to make realistic eyes for my MMD model? Hey there! Do you like eyes?! I do. I’ve been obsessed with drawing […]


Change a Model’s Eyes Using MMD Eye Packs in MikuMikuDance

Visit Krystal-Sakura on Deviant Art to get "Sparkly Eyes" for MMD 7.39

When you see MMD eye packs available on the web, do you wish you knew how to use them? Your wish will now be fulfilled! Let’s change Haku’s eyes using Eye Packs! Her parts and files are located in your Model folder. They are all mixed up with the files used by the other models included […]

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