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Change a Model’s Eyes Using MMD Eye Packs in MikuMikuDance

When you see MMD eye packs available on the web, do you wish you knew how to use them? Your wish will now be fulfilled!A Feature Article by LearnMMD Contributing Author, NOKO2

Let’s change Haku’s eyes
using Eye Packs!

Her parts and files are located in your Model folder. They are all mixed up with the files used by the other models included with your MMD download, and it’s not easy to tell which files belong to which models.Easily change eye colors using MMD Eye packs!

To identify Haku’s files, you need to download the English PMDEditor if you don’t already have it from our Downloads page.

Open up PMDEditor. Now, choose the MMD model you want. I’m choosing Haku Yowane. To find out the name of the file she uses for her eyes, click the MA tab. Highlight the top item in the list. Now use your down arrow key to move through that list. Watch for the name of the eye file to appear in the texture window. For this model, Haku Yowane, it is #8 on the list … the file name is eye4.bmpRemember to be a good MMDer ... copy, modify, share responsibly! Keep the Faith-MMD

Locate her eye file in the MMD Model folder. Rename eye4.bmp to be AAeye4.bmp or Haku_eye4.bmp … something to change the name but keeps the old name so you can find it again, later.

Choose a new eye from an eye pack. I’m choosing the teal-green color from Krystal-Sakura of DeviantArt. It’s part of her “Sparkly Eyes” pack.

Visit Krystal-Sakura on Deviant Art to get "Sparkly Eyes" for MMD 7.39

Make a copy of your new eye file and paste the copy into the same folder as your model, then rename the new eye file eye4.bmp (or whatever your model’s eye name used to be).

Open MMD to see your model with the new eyes!

(To get the original eyes back, delete that new eye file and restore the original name to the original eye file … in this case, eye4.bmp)


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  1. The Random Person The Random Person
    September 24, 2017    

    When i load the eye texture in the models eyes turn white

    • September 24, 2017    

      The eye texture file must be in the same folder where the model is.

      • Anoymonous Anoymonous
        October 25, 2017    

        Where the face texture is? or in the base folder?

        • October 25, 2017    

          The face texture (if there *is* one – plenty of models are content to have colored surfaces for them) would be in the same folder, of course. You can use the Vert/Mat panel to find out which material contains the face and whether or not it requires a texture. The original question, though, was about the *eye* texture, which almost always is in a material separate from the remaining face.

  2. BadAppleRin BadAppleRin
    July 4, 2017    

    This didn’t work for me because the model doesn’t use an eye texture. It uses a face texture. Help?!

    • July 4, 2017    

      If a model does that, you’re going to have to do some editing, either of the model or of the texture. The texture is probably easier– open it in an image editing program and copy/paste the eye texture you want to use, scaling and rotating to fit the original eye.

    • July 4, 2017    

      You mean that the face texture is complete with eyes? Then you’d have to edit *that* one in a graphic editor and superimpose a new eye texture over the current one (or simply repaint eyes with different colors if you’re not going to change the shape). While the default Windows graphic editor is probably too basic for such a task, Paint.NET or Gimp are quite enough for your needs (and both are free).

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