Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: EmberAce216

Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: EmberAce216
“really happy with my video”

Suicide Parade

Hello! I’m Rachel. I am 24 and I live in Alberta, Canada. I am so happy to be a Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner!

My MMD story

I keep my MikuMikuDance hobby mostly private from my personal life.

Back in 2012 one of my friends introduced me to Vocaloid and I fell in love! “Daughter of Evil” was one of the first songs introduced to me. I started to look online for more Vocaloid Songs and I came across MMD videos. I admired a lot of the MMDs I was seeing and I wanted to make my own.

I didn’t have a computer and I was still in high school. I watched a lot of videos until I started MMD, myself. I started November 5th of 2018. I remember that date because it’s 5 days before my anniversary with my Fiancee! It took me 6 Years to be able to make my own MMDs! My videos were really basic until I got a Beastly-powerful computer! I learned how to use Raycast on my own using YouTube tutorials and LearnMMD. I did a lot of practice and I learned most of it on my own. Once I started to get MMD friends, I got advice and helping tips.

I follow a lot of MMDers! On DA, Twitter and YouTube I follow a bunch of MMDers; some share my work and it has been super helpful and I appreciate every single bit of support I’ve had in my Journey!

Favourite model makers are

My Suicide Parade Video!

My inspiration came from a video I watched created by one of the people I subscribe too, EmuDea. I wanted my video to be different from theirs. I like to try to make my videos a little unique. The model I used is from one of my MMD friends, OPTERON PRIME. 😊
I asked his permission to use his model in my contest entry.  The model’s name is Lady Mugen.

I have a big collection of models and stages! I hold them and I use them when I want to use them.

This is My Model Folder lol…

My MODEL folder has over 450 items in it!


That WATER effect!

My video had its challenges. The camera Clipped through the stage. The water effect I was using was not big enough and it was painfully obvious in the background.

I was going to use Raycast Time of Day but I decided to use Time of Night, instead. I adjusted the MMD lighting to look blue for this scene.I used the lighting to hide the fact that the water wasn’t big enough, and I added the blue filter in light manipulation… I felt it did a great job of hiding the water’s shortcomings.

I added PowerDOF As an extra thing to hide the water.

Interesting that all of those efforts to deal with that water effect worked to shape the “look” of my video. I like it!

Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner EmberAce216 ... My need to disguise the water effect's shortcomings helped to shape the look of my MMD video.


I had to edit the camera motion I had downloaded… having to go through each frame making sure there was no major clipping. (People don’t care for lots of wall clipping.) That process took a while, it clipped a lot, but I loved the stage so I kept working at it.


I’m overall really happy with my video; the rain effects turned out amazing and the wetness effect in my Material Maps really helped make her hair and dress look wet.

EmberAce216: "really happy with my video"

Going forward I want to get better with my motions and my effects, and I think I’m getting better with each video!

Lately I’ve been working on making models. I have been practicing for a long time and it has taken so MUCH practice. But I finally have my own OC characters. I plan on getting better at it!

I just became one of the writers for! … I am so new that, as of this date, I have nothing POSTED yet… but I will be digging-into it real soon!


Visit the Homepage! Plenty of Mikumikudance instruction and info!