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Make an MMD Music Video Bo Beep Bo Beep!

How do I make an MMD music video? Where do I find the files to make my MMD music video? How do  I use MikuMikuDance? How can I find new models and motions for MMD? Make an MMD Music Video Bo Beep Bo Beep ! This morning I decided that I wanted to make something […]


Post-Production Editing Yields Next Step in MMD Video Quality

Next Level in MMD Video Evolution

My MMD videos need something more, what’s the next step? How can I make my MMD videos look like “more”? What are people doing to enhance their MikuMikuDance videos? How do I make my MMD video look more professional? All of my friends know that I show this video as what I feel is “the […]


Rendering HD 60 FPS MMD video and YouTube Upload

How do I render 60FPS video in MMD? What codec should I use when rendering in 60 FPS? How do I upload 60FPS MMD videos to YouTube? How do I use Ut Video with MMD?


YouTube Copyright Enforcement Bamboozles MMDers!

Why did YouTube take down my MMD video? YouTube Copyright Enforcement Bamboozles MMDers! One of LearnMMD’s most popular and most thorough MMD newbie tutorials yields a music video of the song “The World is Mine” … and YouTube has taken-down the sample video I posted as part of the tutorial. (I just, now, uploaded it, […]


Render your MMD Video in 1080p HD Using Windows Live Movie Maker

How do I upload my MMD Video in 1080p HD? How do you make HD Videos in MikuMikuDance? Can you make a MMD Video in 1080p HD? Use Windows Live Movie Maker to Render your MMD Video in 1080p HD! Sometimes when rendering in MMD you can get really low quality videos, or really large […]


Behind the Scenes insights into my newest video

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun… Behind the Scenes insights into my newest video! *Ahem…Do you guys still remember, a few days (weeks?) ago, we celebrated Miku’s birthday. And both Vocaloid and MMD fans from around the globe were very enthusiastic about the event, that websites like YouTube, NicoNicoDouga, or DeviantArt were literally overflowing with everyone’s creativity, […]

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