MikuMikuDance Keyboard Shortcuts MMD Beginners Guide

Are there keyboard shortcuts in Miku miku Dance? How do I move my view of the stage in MMD? What are the keyboard shortcuts in MikuMikuDance?

MikuMikuDance Keyboard Shortcuts MMD

MikuMikuDance has some keyboard shortcuts that Go to the Site Map page to learn many more tips for using MMD 7.39make your animation work less tedious. Instead of flying your mouse/cursor all around the screen, you can often click a key so your cursor can stay on-stage.

ENTER can be pushed when you want to register a bone position. It is fastest to hover your left hand over the Enter key as you move your model. Push enter to register positions.

LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS can be used to advance or retard the Frame Counter.  Leave your cursor on-stage as you advance the frame counter to the next point of interest.

DELETE erases a highlighted diamond, or group of diamonds.

CONTROL Z often will undo the previous action. Experiment with this because it only works in some situations. I have not identified exactly when it will work.

RIGHT CLICK the mouse and drag the cursor while on-stage to rapidly shift your view. While in MODEL Mode this is a handy way to quickly examine all sides of your model. In CAMERA/LIGHTS Mode it is a quick way to shift your camera position. Click REGISTER to save the new camera position.

CENTER CLICK the mouse and drag the cursor for gentle up/down/left/right view changes. Again, In Model Mode you can move across your field of view. In Camera Mode you are moving your camera to a new position which you can Register.

Finally, there are shortcuts to all of the drop-down menus across the Keyboard Shortcuts: Use ALT and F to open the File Menu. Then Push S to save.top of the window. Press and hold ALT key while you type the letter next to the menu you want to open. One handy use is to SAVE without moving your cursor away from the action. Just press and hold ALT and push F to open the file dropdown, let go of ALT and F and then push S to save. (Remember to save often as you work “:o).



If you know of more keyboard shortcuts, please leave a comment or email a note to me. Have fun with MMD!

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