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MMD Camera Motions: The Camera’s Gotta Keep Moving!

Darkening the stage lighting makes the floorlight look very bright! MMD 7.39, LearnMMD.com

How can I use the MMD Camera Motions to make my videos better? How can I make my MMD videos more interesting? How can more MMD camera motions make my video look professional? Keep the Camera moving … Busy MMD Camera motions make a better video! The “Departures” meme is a beautiful example of MMD […]


Making POV Camera Shots in MikuMikuDance

How do you do a point of view POV camera shot in MMD? How do you make a 1st person POV shot in MMD? How do you use the numeric input for camera data in MikuMikuDance DirectX9? Last year (seems so long ago.) I had written a very basic primer on using the camera in MikuMikuDance. I […]


Working with Large Stages In MikuMikuDance

Zooming Out of MMD City Stage.

How do you work with large stages in MMD? How do you navigate big stages in MMD DirectX9? How do you make a chase scene in MikuMikuDance? How to Work With Large Stages in MMD. Some stages used in MikuMikuDance are cities. The Nagisa stage (Ver. 1 and 2) and Gekido Town (aka “MMD City”) […]


Smooth Scene Transitions featured in new MMD Departures video

Smooth camera moves and soft focus make for smooth scene transitions in MMD 7.39 . LearnMMD.com

How do I use the MME SvDOF soft focus effect in MMD? How can I make smooth scene transitions in MikuMikuDance? How do I make my camera motions look smooth? Smooth Scene Transitions … Carefully Controlled Camera Motions and Lighting … make a nice video! My new Departures video featuring IA was created to play […]


Camera Motion Instructions 1 – MMD Basics

"Say cheese!" Setting up the camera moves in MMD 7.39 takes some thought. Credits: MMD Little Town by Harner Productions, Chibi Miku Yamato Style 1.35 by Koshitsuki, Chibi NC DT SeeU by HousekineMinto, Video Camera by Dark Konata

How do I make camera motion data in MMD? How do you zoom in the camera in MMD? How do you use the camera in MikuMikuDance? How do I save my MMD camera data? What does the camera panel do in Miku Miku Dance? Your Chance to Direct Without Going “Hollywood.” MikuMikuDance has a very […]

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