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Give MMD Pictures Different MMEffects For Different Feelings

A feature article by LearnMMD's BigPerryman!Hey y’all! Today Luka‘s gonna help me show you some cool MMEffects that I personally use for different emotions.

All of the poses used are found at Snorlaxin‘s page (because I didn’t feel like making them). You can also find MikuMikuEffects on our downloads page, and there’s an amazing effect pack (actually there’s two of them) on deviantART.

Give your MMD Pictures
Different MME Effects For Different Feelings…


So here I have the model and pose loaded up and I’m going to immediately find the effect HgSAO_v002.


CLICK any image to see the full size image!

Prank’d! I’m going to load both of them; the other being HgSSAO_v003.


Now, for a sweet picture, one of my go-to effects is o_SelfOverlay_Blur.


The last one is o_toProcColor before you can run it through Photoshop or GIMP!


My Finished Sweet / Happy effects image. Use Different MMEffects For Different Feelings


On this model, I’m going to start with o_Bleach-bypass.


The next effect to blend everything together is o_PixelEdgeBlur.


Now, only if you want the color to be a bit more bleached, add a splash of o_toPaleProcColor.


Now for some shadow depth, just add some AbSSAO and you’re done!


My finished Sad effects image.


A creepy picture is much like a sad picture, so we’ll start with AbSSAO.


Now, unlike the sad setting, I’ll be loading HgSSAO_v003.


I’ll be adding o_Bleach-bypass again as well.


This time, unlike the sad setting, I’ll be adding an effect called GotaSh. With editing in Photoshop, it should be complete!


My finished "Creepy" effects image.

And that’s about it for the three main ones! You can tweak them as much as you need or want, but this should get you started on MMEffects when you’re working with emotions!

Have fun with MMEffects!


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  1. Alex Alex
    January 5, 2019    

    como puedo descargar este efecto o_PixelEdgeBlur

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      January 5, 2019    

      I am not familiar with that effect. You will have to Google it, search Deviant Art. and/or search YouTube for it.
      Best wishes… best of luck!

      • Alex Alex
        January 11, 2019    

        ya lo hice pero no encuentro el effecto por

    • January 6, 2019    
      • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
        January 6, 2019    

        Thanks, KB!

  2. RandomPersonInNeed RandomPersonInNeed
    April 13, 2018    

    how do i load the effect? i cant find the button for it

    • April 14, 2018    

      There are two categories of effects that have to be used in different ways (well, there are some more complex than that to be categorized as one or an other, but let’s start from basics). Type One comes with a pair of files: .fx and .x. (and they always have the same first name). You load the .x file through the Accessory Manipulation Panel, and it serves as an anchor to its .fx counterpart (which is an actual effect), and the effect usually enhances the whole picture. Type Two are .fx files that come *without* .x accessories. You have to apply them to a particular model (which alone will be affected) using MMEffect->Effect Mapping panel. Open it, find the model, double-click on it (or press “Set Effect”) and find the .fx file of the effect.

      Whenever in doubt, look for a readme file that has detailed explanations for a particular effect (though more often than not, you’ll have to google-translate them from Japanese)

  3. Rin Rin
    February 1, 2018    

    where can i found the 0_selfoverlay_blur effects ?:c

    • February 1, 2018    

      Did you download both effect packs listed at the top of this article?

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