Fix Model Ambient Light Problems Using PMDE/PMXE

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Why do parts of my model stay bright when I reduce the ambient light? How can I fix my model to make it look good in low-light scenes?

How to…
Fix an MMD Model’s Ambient Light Problems

So… do you get this weird lighting, when you are trying to manipulate the lights for a darker scene?
…because: I do.

I get this alot on low quality models; some parts of the model stay “lit-up” while the rest of the scene goes dark as I turn down the lights.

Reduced ambient light will often show a model's problems.... but you can fix it using PMDE!

Looks weird right??

Well this is one way to fix it…

You need to have  a PMD/PMX Editor. You can get it from the LearnMMD Downloads page.

You need to know your model’s type: PMD or PMX?

If you can run PMX Editor you can open both .pmd and .pmx models

if you have only PMD Editor you can open only .pmd models

This is how you do it in PMX Editor…

First: Save your model under a new name so the you can keep your original model safe.

Now, load your model into the Editor.

Go to the “MA” panel.

Now, you have to find the broken part.

It will usually look like this same color or you can find it by texture name.

Fix a model's ambient light problems using PMDE.

All you have to do is make the “ambient” part darker by clicking on it and choosing a little darker color.

Choose a darker color for the affectd materials using PMDE.

Now, save your model.

Load the model in MMD to see how it looks… it should work!

Fixed! The model know looks nice under darker ambient light in a dark scene.

The process is the same for both PMD and PMX Editors.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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