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Make Smooth Animation Using Interpolation Curves

How do I make a smooth motion in MikuMikuDance? How do I use the interpolation curve in MMD. What shape should the interpolation curve be? Finally, my first ever “how-to” article! (My previous two articles were about YouTube and MMD videos!) Let’s make smooth animation… Using Interpolation Curves! Before we begin, I want to (honestly) […]


New Interpolation Curve Video was fun to make!

What is an interpolation curve? Why would I use it? What do I do with the interpolation curve in MikuMikuDance? My new Interpolation Curve video was fun to make! I got inspired to bang-out a quick little video tutorial to help explain the use of the interpolation curve in MMD. And I mean “Bang-out”… ! […]


An MMD Walking Motion: Creating it is easy!

How do I create an MMD walking motion? Is there any motion data for walking? How can I make a walking motion in MikuMikuDance? Ready! Set! Motion! How to create an easy MMD walking motion In the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of problems creating an MMD walking motion in my animations. There’s […]


How to make smooth motions in MikuMikuDance animations

How do I make smooth motions in MikiMikuDance? How do I use the interpolation curves to make better motions? What is the secret for getting realistic model movement in MMD?   Let MikuMikuDance make smooth motions for you … Easily make smooth motions with MMD! – I often get comments asking… “How do I make […]


Create Motion Data – So you think you can’t dance?

How do I create motion data in MMD? Can I make my own motions in MikuMikuDance? How can I learn to make my own motions? Create Motion Data … So you think you can’t dance? Let’s break it down, and go back to the name. MikuMikuDance implies dancing, right? Right! So what if your not […]


There Can Be Frame Data Ghosts remaining after Deletion

With some practice, Rin can dance the sample dance as well as Miku!

Can there be frame data ghosts after I delete a diamond in MMD? I have worked and reworked this one motion in MikuMikuDance and I am not getting what I expected. I erased a bunch of diamonds and added new ones, but there are some bumps in the new motion! Sometimes … Frame Data Ghosts […]

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