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MMD Credit Helper and PMMLookupper

Have you ever made an MMD video but keep forgetting who made what? Do you keep forgetting which models, effects and accessories you used for your videos? Do you wish there was some way to make crediting easier? Look no further because here I am to show you how it’s done with MMD Credit Helper […]


Translate Japanese Model Names into English

How can I translate Japanese model names in MMD? How do I read Japanese file names? My MikuMikuDance model has a Japanese name, how can I read it? Translate Japanese Model Names into English! Swimsuit Wind … Who knew! You probably have models with names that look like this: I wanted to learn the name […]


Organize Your MMD Model Collection, Track Your Sources

You might name this model's folde "Short_Kimono_Teto_by_Nanami".

How do I organize my MMD models? Where do I put stages in MikuMikuDance? Where do MMD effects go? What goes in the Miku Miku Dance Accessory folder? Collecting is fun – Organization is a must! There’s a world of MMD items out there … ready to download! When you begin do so, it is […]

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