Add Songs to MikuMikuDance: All you need is a WAV file!

How do I put music into MikuMikuDance? How do I add songs to Miku Miku Dance? Where do I get songs? Where do I get how do I make WAV files of my music?

Add Songs to MikuMikuDance:      Meiko showing her "Bones"All you need is a WAV file!

With your WAV file in hand, you can put it into the WAVE folder inside your Users folder in MMD. Then open your dance (or start a new one) … go to the FILE Menu and select Load WAV File. That’s all there is to it!

You can make your own WAV files from your music using audio editing software. I have found an easy-to-use program that makes it simple. It’s a big, full power application with a 14mb download … but after you get it installed, it’s only TWO CLICKS to make a WAV file. READ HERE for the details about Audacity® 2.0 Audio Editor software download.

While you are there in the FILE dropdown, note that your other WAV options are Play WAV with Frame and Not Play WAV File. “Play with frame” lets you kind of hear the music as you advance the frame counter; making it easier to time your motions with the music. You can also SEE the music on the scope above the frame counter. My computer often lags the MMD animation behind the music by a few frames when I push PLAY … but when converted to a video, the timing is right on .. so believe your eyes and ears as you synchronize you animation with your music, frame by frame, and know that clicking PLAY may show inaccurate timing … animation lag.


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