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Pose characters in PMX Editor and export as OBJs for Poser

Pose characters in PMX Editor and export as OBJs for Poser!   Readers DO send us emails asking questions about MMD… Questions on Basics… … and NOT so basic! A reader emailed a question… Hi, I’ve been using 3d art programs for a long time – but I’m a newbie to MMD. I want to […]


Create models from OBJ files using Blender and PMDE

Can I create models from OBJ files? How can I make a PMD model from a .obj file for use in MikuMikuDance? Can I make MMD models from object files? Where can I get Blender? Where can I find .obj models? Create models from .OBJ files using Blender and PMDE! Making MMD models has never […]

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