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Build Your Own Stage For MMD Using SketchUp

Build Your Own Stage For MMD Using SketchUp! Making stages for MMD is really easy using Trimble’s SketchUp… … and we fine-tune it in PMDE! When I first started getting involved in MMD, like most people I downloaded all sorts of models to use with the program. I quickly learnt that it was possible to […]


Assemble your stages from .x type components

I want to construct my own stage, how can I do that? My stage has too many accessories, it’s hard to find what I want. What is the efficient way to handle accessories? How to handle multiple accessories Most MMD-users start with ready stages downloaded from somewhere, and it usually turns out to be enough. […]


Rotate stage to allow ground shadows MMD MikuMikuDance

Why won’t the ground shadows show on my stage floor? How do I get my model’s shadow to show? My model casts a shadow until I remove the grid. Adjust the stage to allow MMD to make ground shadows! One of the powers of the 3D animation software, MikuMikuDance, is that it will generate ground […]


Fia Phoenix’s Deviantart Spotlight

Sometimes there is that one deviant in the MMD community who grabs your attention. It could be the skills they have in animation, their knack for finding the new features, or maybe they send shivers down your spine with how beautiful their work is in story telling. Today I’ll be showing you a few of […]


Learn How to Dress the LearnMMD Stage – Instructions

So, I downloaded the LearnMMD Stage from the Downloads page … What do I do with it? How do I dress the LearnMMD stage? The stage is brightly colored, can I tone it down? Are there instructions for using the LearnMMD Stage? What do I do with all of those curtains that are included with […]


MikuMikuDance MMD Cage Stage Tutorial

Where can I get the MMD Cage Stage? How can I use the Cage Stage in MikuMikudance 7.94 … it has so many .x pieces! I can’t read the names of those Japanese files! Enjoy this amazing MMD Stage … The MMD Cage Stage from the Sinlessrogue.Angelfire page I wanted to try something new … […]

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