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An MMD Feature Article by Fia Phoenix on!

Sometimes there is that one deviant in the MMD community who grabs your attention. It could be the skills they have in animation, their knack for finding the new features, or maybe they send shivers down your spine with how beautiful their work is in story telling. Today I’ll be showing you a few of those Deviants worth a spotlight! ( and I’ll be going in depth as to why! )

TehRainbowLlama @

Visit tehrainbowllama on Deviant Art!Maybe it’s her outgoing attitude that drew me in, but I have noted Rainbow Llama as one of the greats for as long as I can remember. Her “Random MMD Packs” spark inspiration throughout the community with their eventful variety. And with over 40 packs in all,  you can be sure she has what you need when you need it.  I hear if you ask real nice, she takes little requests! So go take a look at the living mall that is TehRainbowLlama!

AnimeNebula003 @

Visit animenebula003 on Deviant Art.Nebula is a generous deviant with skills unmatched in the pmd/ pmd editor and modeling world. I personally get most of my model parts from her and don’t hesitate to comment on her marvelous work! ( especially the needle cyber legs, I mean what model wouldn’t want those?) well known for outstanding works with requests and more, Nebula can be counted on in her work.

kazuki9484 @

Visit kazuki9484 on Deviant Art!Kazuki is the creator of what is likely the most famous male Kingdom Hearts OC in the MMD community: Kazu. Along with his amazing Kingdom Hearts models, friendly Kazuki, lover of role-play, can often be found updating his recent Frozen model collection that has gone up for download. His Kingdom Hearts models are also very likely the most famous in the community due to the extreme amount of detail and dazzling proximity to the real thing. If you don’t have them already, your missing out on the very best! Not to mention those FABULOUS stages!

 mmd-nay-pmd @

Visit MMD-Nay-PMD on Deviant Art.All of MMD owes a debt to Nay and the Motion Data index, without which most of us would be  Censored big time. With both the three part index, and pretty much anything you could need in MMD ( INCLUDING MY FAVORITE PROP THE BLOOD BATH ) Nay can be considered the main resource for almost every MMDer I know personally, though that might be because I’ve hounded them about good ol Nay. You know, that name seems familiar. (She writes for!)

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