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Beamman’s BeamCharge MME Effect

How do I use Beamman’s BeamCharge effect? I load the accessory and only see the red cross, what’s up with that? And why is a .pmd model there? Using Beamman’s BeamCharge Effect The Beamman’s BeamCharge Effect is different from most of MME effects known to a beginner user and can be rather confusing in the […]


Using Beamman Particle-styled MME effects

How do I use the AuraParticle Effect? How do I set up the Beamman particle-style effects? Why doesn’t the Beamman BeamCharge Effect work? Does anybody else have trouble with some effects from Beamman? Using Beamman Particle-style Effects Well, not to worry… here I am with steps for   AuraParticle effect Burner effect BeamCharge effect Beam […]

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