Updated LearnMMD Metronome Instructions for Use

How do you use the LearnMMD Metronome? What are the first steps when creating a new MikuMikuDance animation?Visit LearnMMD's Video Channel on YouTube: Videos by Reggie Dentmore.

Updated Instructions for using the LearnMMD Metronome …

I created the LearnMMD Metronome severalGet the LearnMMDMmetronome. It is a real help! months ago. I recently tried to use it and had to learn, again, how to use it, myself. I realized that, as of today, 48 enthusiasts have downloaded the metronome, and those new users might not be able to use it … and so might be frustrated and miss the value of it!

A new page featuring instructions for the leatnMMD metronome is now in place. Find it on the BONUS PAGES menu or simply Click Here for the LearnMMD Metronome Instructions.


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