Easy Fix for the Auditorium Stage Accessory: Use a Dummy Bone

Why don’t the MikuMikuDance 7.39 floorlights work on the LearnMMD Auditorium stage? Is the floor of the MMD LearnMMD Auditorium Stage mounted too high? How do I lower the floor of the LearnMMD Stage?

Easy Fix for the LearnMMD Stage Accessory: Use a Dummy Bone

The LearnMMD Stage, downloaded by over 120 MikuMikuDance enthusiasts as of Read the article and get the link to the LearnMMD Stage.this date, has been a great success! I look forward  to seeing the LearnMMD Stage in videos on YouTube.

After playing with it for a while, I have found a flaw! The home position of the stage floor may be slightly above Zero on the Y axis … so an accessory like the “floorlights.x, that requires that zero position, will not be visible!

You can raise the accessory … or lower the stage. To lower the stage, attach the LearnMMD Auditorium Stage to a dummy bone. In Frame Zero, select that dummy bone and …

In the Numeric Input window inside the EDIT Menu, enter a Y axis value of -.2 (minus point two)

… and register that position. Now the stage floor is at true” zero” altitude and the dancer’s shoes and the floorlights accessory will be sitting right on the floor.
After lowering the stage -.2 on the Y axis, the floorlights.x work great!

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